Thursday, May 17, 2012

Colour of Couture - The Finals

Of course I have to show my final two stylings from the Miss Colour of Couture competition because I just had too much fun putting them together. Also, in case anyone was wondering how I earned my 1st Runner Up title, I wanted them to be able to judge for themselves. The first challenge was color blocking, which is the assemblance of bold blocks of color together for a bright and vibrant look. Once again I took some style cues from The Hunger Games with my take on how the citizens of the Capitol possibly dressed. I was nervous about sporting pink hair, but my brand word was daring for the final challenges so I took it to the extreme.

The second and final challenge was in the style of Diane Von Furstenberg's Resort 2012 collection. This was a particularly tricky one since it was very simplistic with monochromatic tones and few splashes of color. Crazy patterns were also interspersed throughout the collection so I used that to my advantage and wore these eye-catching houndstooth patterns.This time I toned down the hair to a natural shade and added pops of color to my makeup.

Looking back, there were a couple of challenges I could've done better, but overall I am satisfied that I accomplished most of my goals. I never needed a title to gain an edge in my modeling career so this will not stop me from excelling further. I'm looking forward to my first Miss Virtual World audition and hope to earn a place among the finalists there.

Pic. 1
Skirt: NYU
Shirt: Gato
Jacket: The Secret Store (old hunt gift)
Tights: Milk Motion
Shoes: Nardcotix
Lashes: Miamai
Makeup: Lush Limited; Chelle
Eyeliner: Apple May Designs
Nail polish: m.o.c.k. cosmetics
Hair: booN
Hair decoration: Solidea Folies
Jewelry: Finesmith Jewelry
Pose: Manifeste

Pic. 2 & 3
Tank top: Lush Limited
Lipstick: Lush Limited; LovelyMi (worn in layers)
Skirt: MichaMi
Shoes: Nardcotix
Hair: Loovus Dzevavor
Eyeshadow: Mons
Lashes and liner: Apple May Designs
Nail polish: m.o.c.k. cosmetics
Bracelet: Finesmith Jewelry
Glasses: Kumaki
Purse: Ricielli
Collar: Maitreya (Epoch Legend event, no longer available)
Poses: Corpus (2); Everglow (3)

Back to the Future

Sorry this post is long overdue but had to get some post-pageant pampering and rest. The fifth week of Colour of Couture had the theme futuristic prints, and I was not about to hold back on this one. There was a twist added for the final challenges in that we were assigned a word to portray in our style. Mine was daring. Since we were allowed to think outside the box, I went all out with electric blue hair, glowing crystals and rockets shooting flames from my hands. The entire time I felt inspired by The Hunger Games, except I didn't have a chariot or a cape and headdress made of fire. Still I wanted to make an entrance just like District 12 and wow, not just the judges, but everyone in attendance. My favorite new discovery in assembling this look was the mesh boots from Rosal. If you haven't been to this store, you should because it has delicious corsets and yummy boots just like these.

Catsuit and tattoo: sYs Design
Boots: Rosal
Glasses: NeuroLab Inc.
Hair: Emo-tions
Hand rockets: Paper Doll (old hunt gift)
All other parts: Bare Rose
Poses: Manifeste (Pic. 1); Morgane Batista Poses (Pic.2)

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Ani Goes Hollywood

Colour of Couture is officially over and after placing 1st Runner-Up, I have earned a long, overdue vacation. Of course I can only afford one in SL but it's the best money can buy when you are limited on RL time and funds. Things in the modeling world have slowed down drastically for me and with my newfound fame, I thought I'd give Hollywood a shot. After all, I'm young and hot, should be easy to make it in the City of Angels, right? Well after schmoozing a few sleazy producers and seducing bad boy actors, I have decided the whole acting thing is not for me, so I'll keep modeling for now. I do need to supplement my shopping income though, so I'll be working the corner on Sunset Blvd. Rates start at 2000L per trick. Just kidding...maybe...

Bikini top: Chantkare
Mesh tank: Iren
Jeans: Maitreya
Shoes: Fir & Mna
Glasses: je suis
Hair: elikatira
Cigarette and camera: Virtual Insanity
Newspaper prop and poses: Frozen

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Darling Buds Bloom at Colour of Couture

As Colour of Couture comes to a close, I find myself stopping to smell the roses. This is a fortunate thing since floral prints are all the rage in spring collections. Whether it's monochromatic silhouettes, head to toe garden prints or just notes of petals, this trend brings out my girly side. I love this trend so much that I had a tough time deciding between which look to use for Colour of Couture's second Flickr challenge. In the end, I picked a playfully innocent ensemble, but in hindsight I wish I had chosen something more couture. This just goes to show that fashion will always be filled with hits and misses, but the fun part is certainly the journey of learning what works for you.

Pic. 1
Dress: tres blah
Tights: Purple Moon
Boots: G Field
Makeup: m.o.c.k. cosmetics
Necklace: League
Hair flower: glow studio
Hair: Exile
Pose prop: Art Body Store

Pic. 2
Dress: Nylon Outfitters
Earrings, brooch & headpiece: Finesmith Jewelry
Hair: Loovus Dzevavor
Lipstick: m.o.c.k. cosmetics
Eye makeup: Ricielli
Pose prop: Long Awkward Pose