Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Ani Goes Hollywood

Colour of Couture is officially over and after placing 1st Runner-Up, I have earned a long, overdue vacation. Of course I can only afford one in SL but it's the best money can buy when you are limited on RL time and funds. Things in the modeling world have slowed down drastically for me and with my newfound fame, I thought I'd give Hollywood a shot. After all, I'm young and hot, should be easy to make it in the City of Angels, right? Well after schmoozing a few sleazy producers and seducing bad boy actors, I have decided the whole acting thing is not for me, so I'll keep modeling for now. I do need to supplement my shopping income though, so I'll be working the corner on Sunset Blvd. Rates start at 2000L per trick. Just kidding...maybe...

Bikini top: Chantkare
Mesh tank: Iren
Jeans: Maitreya
Shoes: Fir & Mna
Glasses: je suis
Hair: elikatira
Cigarette and camera: Virtual Insanity
Newspaper prop and poses: Frozen

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