Saturday, August 15, 2015

The Mighty Jungle

There's an old saying that goes, "clothes make the man," but what defines a woman? Too often we're bombarded with imagery that dictates what we should look like. As a black woman in SL and RL, I understand those messages all too well. Even my family buys into the notion of straight hair being good hair. How is loving your hair's natural texture not good? In fact, when is embracing any part of your natural body not good?

That's why I was ever so excited when I saw pictures of my friend Vikeejeah Xevion sporting the fabulous Taya tresses from Aibeat. The store has a variety of styles celebrating the beauty of women of color.

Speaking of color, I'm wearing the Jungle Queen dress from Lush by Coco. The one-shoulder gown twists into a split down the front for a sensually elegant design. Available in four different colors, get yours now at Designer Showcase for 150L.

As for my accessories, they are the Eva earrings from Finesmith Jewelry, Art Deco purse from Junbug, and Sea Horse sandals from Pure Poison.

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