Thursday, May 29, 2014

Living the Lush LD Life

An event called Penumbra is currently underway and there are loads of great clothes to be bought there. I'm showing you a couple of samples from the fashion houses of Lush by CoCo and Loovus Dzevavor.

On the left I am wearing the Petal Power mini with the Brook bandeau top. Available as separates, this watercolored fantasy was designed by Paris LaShea Cerise for Loovus Dzevavor. As you know, I love to promote new designers and she is a welcomed addition to the LD family. The scallop hem of the high-waisted skirt adds a flirty appeal to this garden print delight. Front and back ruching of the top flatters any bust size and comes in a romantic floral print. Need new shoes? No worries, just buy the Vergara heels, which are made for SLink high feet. I absolutely LOVE these shoes. Come buy them. No, I'm not making a suggestion, this is a direct order from your captain speaking. And the earrings? They're called Midbar, courtesy of Finesmith Jewelry at her mainstore.

On the right, we have another new creation from Lush by CoCo called Dreft. The sexy, low-cut front and bold yellow belt complements the A-line skirt. Pair this sassy look with the Bounce mules (SLink high feet compatible only) to make others drool over how hot you are. Also, please take notice of the new hair from booN called MMK375, which is an add-on for the cornrow hairbases. Be sure to buy both if you instead to snatch wigs.

On the Left
Top, skirt, shoes: Loovus Dzevavor (currently available at Penumbra)
Earrings: Finesmith Jewelry
Hair: Lelutka
Makeup: m.o.c.k. cosmetics

On the Right
Dress and shoes: Lush by CoCo (currently available at Penumbra)
Jewelry: Finesmith Jewelry
Hair: booN
Makeup: m.o.c.k. cosmetics

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Reading is Sexy

Just a quick little blog quirp because I saw a bumper sticker on someone's car in front of a bookstore that read, "Reading is Sexy." I couldn't help but laugh to myself as I agreed with that sentiment. I haven't been able to pick up a good book as of late, but I do like to lose myself in a novel when the mood strikes.

Speaking of tales, I want to talk about this adorable tail! (Sorry, I should never do puns; that was terrible.) From Cubic Cherry Kre-ations, the Meiade tail comes in 4 scrumptious colors and is being sold for only 55L each! That is a super deal for this darling tail that is original mesh and materials-enabled. Go pick one up at the Fantasy Room now!

Undies: Frosting (Fantasy Faire gatcha item)
Bow: Magika (retired item)
Hair: Wasabi Pills (Fantasy Faire RFL exclusive)
Shoes: (SLink add-on only)
Tail: Cubic Cherry Kre-ations (currently at the Fantasy Room)
Backdrop and book: flowey

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Why I Relay

This is my third year blogging for Fantasy Faire. It is also the second year since I have lost two childhood friends from cancer. I found out about their illnesses through Facebook, which is possibly one of the worst ways to learn a friend has cancer. I felt completely helpless in that moment. I hated that. This is why I relay. I relay because it is the only way I know how to help. My aim is to spread awareness and share ideas on how to help with the fight to cure cancer. One way to do that is to inform others of where they can donate in Second Life.

As I have mentioned, Fantasy Faire is one such event that allows other residents to help out by buying RFL exclusive items or donating directly to the RFL kiosks. This past week I have shown several looks of available goods that can be purchased for this worthy cause. I am showing the last ones I have styled today.

The Princess Frillies boy-cut briefs from Frosting have a small bow with an optional cameo pendant that features the silhouette of a Disney princess. Ribbons adorn the sides of the briefs and offset the frilly lace on the backside. This is a gatcha item so be prepared to gamble your lindens if you have a favorite princess in mind. You can find it in the same booth as Folly in Hope's Horizon.

Next is this spectacular Sumiana crown from Aisling. It comes in a spring and ice version, and you can purchase matching collars to go with it. Long chains and stone accents bring out the regality of this piece, which pairs wonderfully with the Darienne hair from Wasabi Pills. Look for Aisling in Hope's Horizon and find Wasabi Pills on the Sanctum sim.

Lastly, I am showcasing an outfit AND decor in this final picture. I normally stray from blogging about decor, especially since I tend to haphazardly throw random bits around interiors, but made an exception for the Remembrance fountain and shelf from On a Lark and Sweet Poison. The fountain is comprised of stone with candle inserts flanking a gentle stream of water. The shelf piece, also accompanied by candlelight, holds a framed letter that speaks to the heart of all who relay. I'm wearing the RFL Finis outfit from Fantavatar & Moonstruck, an elven frock that brings out the forest rogue in everyone. Complete with an optional hood and leafy belt, this delight comes in both standard and fitted mesh sizes. If you are wondering about the little man on the tiny dragon beside me, this is another RFL item from Dwarfins. This Flying Dragon Rider will accompany you through all your journeys and can be found in Hope's Horizon. You can locate On a Lark and Sweet Poison in Mournivale Thicket; whereas Fantavatar & Moonstruck is in Heavenslough.

With this, we come to closing days of Fantasy Faire 2014. This has been an awe-inspiring year again with so many designers coming together to support cancer research. Hopefully you have all been able to explore the 11 sims and take in their beauty. Sunday is the last day so hurry over if you haven't visited yet!

Friday, May 9, 2014

Now You See Me

The magic of Fantasy Faire shall soon come to a close. I regret not being able to blog more about it earlier in the week, but life happens that way. That being said, time is ticking so let's get down to today's items!

The Buttons cincher in Harlequin is a jovial departure from most corsets in that it adds an element of fun with its diamond pattern. Complete with matching mules, this ensemble from Sax Shepherd Designs will keep you smiling for days on end. The Queen of Hearts would be charmed by the Mad Tea Party jewelry set. The earrings feature a cup and teapot dangling down for a whimsical appeal. The necklace exhibits charms of every suit in a deck of cards, making for a full house of wonder. You can find this and more at Sax Shepherd Designs' booth in Hope's Horizon.

When there is a cavalcade of talented creators, it's hard not to combine various pieces together for an awe-inspiring look. For my second style, I am wearing the Cthu heels from De La Soul. This RFL exclusive is materials enabled with a splashy effect that resembles octopus skin in the light. It has a nice suede appearance under a non-materials setting as well. The tattooed Candace skin is also available from this designer with options for light and dark tats as well as appliers for SLink, Lolas and Lush. Mesh ears and nail appliers are also included in this wonderful package. Shells, pearls and coral adorns the RFL Fluted Scallop earrings of AZE Designs, which also has a matching necklace and tiara available for those wanting to complete the collection. The sparkly pasties and belly jewel are part of the elaborate Mother of Dragons set from Folly. This RFL exclusive glimmers with large gemstones and sharply chiseled elements to give off a mystical feeling. You can find De La Soul in Blackwater Glenn; AZE Designs in Asperatus; and Folly in Hope's Horizon.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

OverSeas Reverie

The Couturier Docks is known for its exclusive items from designers and Lush by CoCo has outdone herself with the OverSeas dress. This is one of the first dresses she has created and it really speaks to her aesthetic with its Afrocentric print and daring keyhole front. The plunging back adds an air of sexiness in a classy way that will turn heads for a good reason. If you're the type of woman who wants to make a lasting impression at a party, then I highly recommend picking up this tantalizing number from the Couturier Docks.

Dress: Lush by CoCo (currently at the Couturier Docks)

Monday, May 5, 2014

New Adventures

One of the things I love most about any fairs in Second Life is the opportunity to find new designers. Now this isn't to say they are completely new to the grid, but rather new to me. Quite a number of fresh names caught my eye and one of them was Niekra's Dreams. This is my first time ever hearing of this designer and from what I can see, there is a promising future for this brand. I am wearing the Necromancer outfit, which is the RFL exclusive for Fantasy Faire. It boasts a skeletal collar that extends into a leather camisk. It comes complete with matching leggings and sleeves, but I opted to go legging-free. The fearsome skull staff with mystic orbs is also a part of this set. Also take note of the lovely Hope skin, also from Niekra's Dreams, which includes appliers for Lola's and Phat Azz. Pair this ensemble with the High Council crown from 22769 for a dark high priestess look

Embracing my inner woodland priestess, I assembled another look featuring the Alma gown from Luminary. Green ruffles accentuate the gold brocade of the bodice over a deep green skirt. This gown comes in gold and silver options and is also an RFL exclusive. I accessorized it with the Sisters of the Moon headdress from paper moon and the Tinda sandals for SLink flat feet from Bliesen + MaiTai. Of course we cannot forget about the curly Middle-Age 019 ponytail from Oblivion which has a color-change ribbon tied in the back.

We're already at the halfway mark for Fantasy Faire so if you have not traveled the lands yet, I suggest you go quickly before they vanish from the grid again!

Here are the SLurls for the featured designers at the fair:

Blackwater Glenn: paper moon
The Faery Court: Bliesen + MaiTai
Hope's Horizon: Luminary, 22769
Medhir Woods: Niekra's Dreams

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Fantasy Faire 2014: Magic is Back

Yes, fantasy lovers, that delightful event known as Fantasy Faire has begun in Second Life! This year's affair lasts through May 11 with several themed sims and a plethora of fabulous creations. I will be blogging throughout this event with incredible offerings from talented designers in support of Relay for Life. In case you are not familiar with Relay for Life, it is a charity organization that raises funds and awareness for cancer research. Various groups in Second Life put aside time to devote themselves to creating events such as Fantasy Faire in order to draw attention to this cause.

One of the first of many designs I'll be showcasing is the Chloris gown from 22769. Proceeds from this gown go towards Relay for Life. The bodice features an intricate brocade made of leather materials. The bell sleeves hang delicately off the shoulders. Burgundy trim stands out against the pure silkiness of the white dress. If you look closer, you can see the gold-tipped Pixiedust polish for SLink hands from Bliesen + MaiTai. These special items are located in Hope's Horizon, which was inspired by the lands of Tolkien. The Darienne hair is from Wasabi Pills and can be found in Sanctum. I took this photo in the Palace of Tears, where one can engage in a fun hunt with an assortment of great prizes.

The next outfit comes from Gauze, located on the Faery Court sim. This one is called Fenrir, exuding an air of mystery in its dark nature. The curve-loving corset exhibits leather straps on the sides. There are two options for the pants, either as a whole set or the "half" version that I'm wearing. The fur collar enhances the ferocity of the wolf epaulets, of which a glowing orb can be seen in its mouth. This ensemble also includes a pair of mesh gloves and boots. I took this photo at the Fairelands Junction, a lush forest decorated in luminaries and lotus flowers. It is also where you can teleport to the various sims for this function.

Whether you're a lover of dark fantasy or light adventures, you are sure to find something magical at Fantasy Faire 2014! There is more to come so please follow my blog for more goodies!