Monday, December 26, 2011

Let It Snow

For many, winter means heavy coats, thick parkas and layers of scarves. I'm from California so I have no idea what that is all about. The sun still shines in the morning but the air is chilly enough to see your breath. This is the paradox I exist in. I don't hate it; it's actually rather amusing. Even more fun is dressing up in snug turtlenecks and cozy vests. My style is all about keeping it simple in a world that covers itself in layers to hide. I got a thing for berets lately, probably because of the Prince song. I've also been wearing my hair shorter to suit my sassy attitude. I've got a LOT more to show so let's hope I get time to do so before the snow melts.

Skybox: Mole End (Yes, Evie made it! She's crazy talented like that)
Boots: Purple Moon (With Love Again Hunt)
Hair: Magika (beret not detachable)
Makeup and Nails: m.o.c.k. cosmetics
Pose: Everglow
Vest: Ison
Jeans and Turtleneck:
Necklace: [glow] studio

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


As a Finesmith Gemstone, I am given creative freedom to decorate my attire with the fine creations of Yula Finesmith in whatever manner is most flattering. Ever since I discovered her designs earlier this year I have been enamored with each release. She also happens to be a generous soul and I'm happy to know her. The Finesmith Muse 2012 semi-finals are this Sunday, November 27 at noon SLT and some goofy model named Anigma Eulenberg is one of the finalists competing to take over Rissa Friller's role as the face of this exquisite brand. Honestly this has been one of the most mind-blowing experiences ever to be in this competition. Of all my achievements this year, this is certainly one of my proudest. I want to thank all my friends for supporting me through this; I love you all! Wish me luck!

Earrings: Finesmith Designs Core
Lipstick: Nuuna Skittles (part of skin pack)
Hair and Shoes: Epoque
Headpiece: Finesmith Designs Where's My Head
Nails: Finesmith Designs Draakje
Swimsuit: R.icielli
Corset: Finesmith Designs Liquid
Poses: Dare (store closed)

Monday, November 14, 2011

Lovely in Low Lag

With Vintage Fair and FLTO Black Market drawing hordes of visitors during the first days, it can be a bear to navigate through all that LAG. Maneuvering through molasses is no fun for anyone but should everyone have to suffer because someone swears they cannot look attractive under 1000 ARC? For those of you just rezzing into Second Life, ARC is known as Avatar Rendering Cost. It's a measurement tool that determines how much strain is put on your graphics card to draw an object. Various factors effect this number but I'm no super brain so I'll be blunt. Prims are like cologne; you don't need to slather them on to appear attractive. That being said, here's a chic look I put together that would be welcomed at any crowded venue.

This ladylike ensemble is a mere 634 ARC according to the Phoenix Viewer.

My hair is from elikatira and has just a color change script for the ribbon. The Finesmith Designs earring (my hair covers the other ear so only one is worn) had a resize script which was removable via the menu. If you're a designer that uses resize scripts, I strongly encourage you to utilize one with this option. Don't use them in no-copy products though as it'll be pointless without modify permissions to make adjustments later.

I'm not wearing any tummy talkers, RP meters, or evil titlers either. Do everyone a huge favor at these events and detach your toys. No riding a horse around or dragging your slave on a leash. TURNING YOUR SCRIPTED ITEM OFF DOES NOT ELIMINATE IT FROM THE SIM MEMORY. When you wear a scripted item, the sim is constantly reading the script and waiting for its next instructions. Think of it like putting your computer in hibernation. Just because it's "sleeping" doesn't mean it's not running and for those of you with high electricity bills, take that into consideration next time you feel too lazy to shutdown. As for SL, detach the freaking things. Nobody is there to observe your odd behavior; you're not a panda in a zoo.

I realize most of you bring your RL hangups on appearance into SL. I hear it all the time. "I don't want to look stupid. People will laugh at me." No, they won't; they're too focused on making themselves look good. And if they do, that's what the mute/block button is for. Do you honestly care what some anonymous jerk behind a screen has to say about you? I'm including myself in this. I joke about the hilarious usernames and crazy appearances, but I don't expect you to care because I don't go out of my way to degrade people in local or send them an IM like some evil bish. I leave them alone and giggle to friends on Skype like a normal person. Don't judge me, I'm human and if you name yourself "Buttlicker McHappy," you know that's a setup for laughter so deal or change your username to something less embarrassing. Note I said username; a display name is akin to a nickname so I'm still gonna make fun of whatever ridiculousness you concocted one drunken night when you signed up.

So lessons we learned are:

#1. You can look good under 1000 ARC. It's not hard, just stop piling garbage on.
#2. Heavily scripted items are nobody's friend in a laggy sim. Detach, don't shutdown.
#3. Nobody is looking at you except maybe newbs, but they stare at everyone. Curious creatures will do that. Say "hello" to them or mute them if you're really that bothered but get over this appearance hangup. SL doesn't have webcams (LL don't you dare add them either) so nobody can see you having a bad hair day.
#4. I will laugh at you if you have a stupid username, but I won't be mean enough to IM you about it or call you out in local. That is what an ass nugget does.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to use my weapons of mass distraction, a.k.a. my sweater kittens, to get a free hot dog from this guy.

Dress: Whippet & Buck
Hair: Clawtooth
Shoes: Pixel Mode
Gloves: The Secret Store
Clutch: LoQ
Blazer: ISON
Earring and brooch: Finesmith Designs (brooch is actually an earring)
Glasses: Acid & Mala
Tattoo lashes: Miamai
Poses: Manifeste and Exposeur

Friday, October 21, 2011

Nocturnal Habits

Ever since I first started Second Life, 3 years ago, I have been a HUGE fan of Evie's Closet. In fact I'd camp out in her store for hours just staring at each lovely gown while my brain cells argued over color choices. What started out as a handful of dresses has boomed into one of the most sought-after fantasy brands on the grid. If you don't know who Evangeline Miles is, then you must be a newb. I am never disappointed by her creations and this latest one exhibits her talent in volumes. Nocturne is a deliciously gothic gown, covered in translucent organza and a cascade of flowers. The horned hat features wisps of fabric dangling on the sides for a darkly medieval appeal. The corset has a sculpted prim tie in the back for added realism. For the whimsical gypsies, there is also Nocturne II which is a ballroom skirt paired with a cropped ruffle top. Both looks are exquisite in their own right and match perfectly with the new prop set called Le Petit Morte by Mole End. In case you have been living underground like a real mole, this is the name of Evie's new prefab and furniture brand. No worries, she's not going to quit designing her decadent dresses so you can all breathe a sigh of relief. I'll try to showcase more from her ambitious new project brand if I get time and enough sleep. For now, I'll enjoy being nocturnal.

Check out larger versions of these pics on my Flickr at

Dress: Evie's Closet ~ Nocturne (pics 1-2), Nocturne II (pic 3)
Prop Box: Mole End ~ La Petit Morte
Nails: Finesmith Designs ~ Noir
Hair: lamb ~ Bang Bang
Skin: Nuuna (former fair gift)
Tattoo: White Widow ~ Corpse Bride

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Alexandra the Greatest

Anyone who knows me, realizes when I like something, and I mean really like something, I can't shut up about it. Such is the case with Finesmith Design's latest release Alexandra. This jewelry set is complete with earrings, a necklace, bracelet and ring. Made for the bold and daring, one should only wear this if she is not afraid to have all eyes set upon her. I'm usually not a fan of oversized jewelry, but Yula Finesmith manages to keep her designs looking elegant in all sizes. I like that I don't feel like some crazy bingo lady when I wear Alexandra; in fact, I can wear all the pieces together without looking like a hot mess. Personally I like pairing this set with a simple gown since it speaks volumes on its own. If you haven't been to the new mainstore, come now and buy this set. I promise you won't regret it.

Jewelry: Finesmith Designs Alexandra
Dress: Azul Yolanda Limited Edition (available only for Sept.)
Lashes: Lelutka Long Lashes
Hair: Amacci Rona
Location: Carnivale (lots of great vendors here, check them out)

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Out with the Bold

If you are curious as to why I chose this title well, I'll explain. Sometimes I think people can become so insecure with their appearance, myself included, that they're willing to throw out their entire identity to fit in anywhere. I find this heartbreaking but who among us hasn't had one of those moments where we look in the mirror and think, is this ok? Being an SL model, there is constant pressure to look a certain way to succeed so it's easy to feel not good enough. Still this is my face and I've grown attached to it over the past 3 years. As in RL, your face is your personal identifier, even twins have slight facial differences if you look closely enough. There are people who may recommend a little nip here and a tuck there so you look more acceptable. I'm all for constructive criticism but it takes strength in yourself to know when something doesn't feel right. Let's examine my usual model face, shall we?

I've always appreciated having a Mona Lisa smile, with that slight look of mischief. My bottom lip is a tad larger than my top lip thanks to an old dodgeball injury as a kid but it's still my mouth. My eyes are nice, wide and almond shaped. My nose used to be a bit larger but in older pics it took on its own personality so creative license was taken there. Reason I'm mentioning this is likely more for myself than anyone else because it's hard some days to love yourself after rejection. Despite some successes, hearing "no" never hurts less. After crying, I said, ok fine, they don't like me now but wait until next year. They might come around and go, "You know what? I like that one." Even if they don't, remember that it's just a few opinions. Do you like you? Ok then stop crying. Nothing wrong with loving yourself ever.

That being said, you see this face?
You like this face?

Too bad so sad because it's going in the "when Hell freezes over" pile along with the med school applications. (God bless all you doctors, nurses and everyone in the medical field. I don't have the patience or tolerance for blood and sick people to be in a hospital so you have my profound respect.)

I can only follow my dreams and can only be myself. Looking at my extensive friends list and my SL accomplishments, I don't think people have issues with who I am so I figure I'm ok as is. I'm ok with me too so there you have it.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Rebels Just Because

If it's one thing I've quickly learned about SL fashion, it's that being rebellious can either win you accolades or result in a loss of credibility as a model. This isn't about winners or losers though. This is about embracing styles that are uniquely true to you and not someone else's narrow definition of fashion. Just because something isn't avant garde or haute couture doesn't make it dreck. Fashion is fashion, no matter what the genre. Still I'll admit even I can feel like I'm the same high school misfit I was when I was younger. Regardless of that fact, I felt something that my more popular peers probably didn't get to experience--freedom. When you stop trying to impress people, you unlock the chains of conformity that can bind you to the same static styles.

I took a tank and jean set from Anthropologia and made two completely different looks to fit my rebellious mood. Inspired by Pink's "Raise Your Glass," let's toast to all the so-called freaks and geeks of fashion!

Hair: Exile Wild Thing (old gift)
Lashes: Glow Studio Drama lashes
Earrings and Chin Ornament: Finesmith Designs Black Nile
Bracelet: Finesmith Designs Swirl P/W
Nails: Finesmith Designs Lua nails
Tank and Jeans: Anthropologia
Boots: Fools Fate Bubblegum boots

Hair: Lelutka Breeze (group gift)
Nails: Finesmith Designs Rave purple
Boots: elikatira Secret Boots (FFL edition)
Vest: R.icielli
Necklace: League Wanderer jewelry set
Glasses: Miel Tortoise Shell glasses