Monday, November 14, 2011

Lovely in Low Lag

With Vintage Fair and FLTO Black Market drawing hordes of visitors during the first days, it can be a bear to navigate through all that LAG. Maneuvering through molasses is no fun for anyone but should everyone have to suffer because someone swears they cannot look attractive under 1000 ARC? For those of you just rezzing into Second Life, ARC is known as Avatar Rendering Cost. It's a measurement tool that determines how much strain is put on your graphics card to draw an object. Various factors effect this number but I'm no super brain so I'll be blunt. Prims are like cologne; you don't need to slather them on to appear attractive. That being said, here's a chic look I put together that would be welcomed at any crowded venue.

This ladylike ensemble is a mere 634 ARC according to the Phoenix Viewer.

My hair is from elikatira and has just a color change script for the ribbon. The Finesmith Designs earring (my hair covers the other ear so only one is worn) had a resize script which was removable via the menu. If you're a designer that uses resize scripts, I strongly encourage you to utilize one with this option. Don't use them in no-copy products though as it'll be pointless without modify permissions to make adjustments later.

I'm not wearing any tummy talkers, RP meters, or evil titlers either. Do everyone a huge favor at these events and detach your toys. No riding a horse around or dragging your slave on a leash. TURNING YOUR SCRIPTED ITEM OFF DOES NOT ELIMINATE IT FROM THE SIM MEMORY. When you wear a scripted item, the sim is constantly reading the script and waiting for its next instructions. Think of it like putting your computer in hibernation. Just because it's "sleeping" doesn't mean it's not running and for those of you with high electricity bills, take that into consideration next time you feel too lazy to shutdown. As for SL, detach the freaking things. Nobody is there to observe your odd behavior; you're not a panda in a zoo.

I realize most of you bring your RL hangups on appearance into SL. I hear it all the time. "I don't want to look stupid. People will laugh at me." No, they won't; they're too focused on making themselves look good. And if they do, that's what the mute/block button is for. Do you honestly care what some anonymous jerk behind a screen has to say about you? I'm including myself in this. I joke about the hilarious usernames and crazy appearances, but I don't expect you to care because I don't go out of my way to degrade people in local or send them an IM like some evil bish. I leave them alone and giggle to friends on Skype like a normal person. Don't judge me, I'm human and if you name yourself "Buttlicker McHappy," you know that's a setup for laughter so deal or change your username to something less embarrassing. Note I said username; a display name is akin to a nickname so I'm still gonna make fun of whatever ridiculousness you concocted one drunken night when you signed up.

So lessons we learned are:

#1. You can look good under 1000 ARC. It's not hard, just stop piling garbage on.
#2. Heavily scripted items are nobody's friend in a laggy sim. Detach, don't shutdown.
#3. Nobody is looking at you except maybe newbs, but they stare at everyone. Curious creatures will do that. Say "hello" to them or mute them if you're really that bothered but get over this appearance hangup. SL doesn't have webcams (LL don't you dare add them either) so nobody can see you having a bad hair day.
#4. I will laugh at you if you have a stupid username, but I won't be mean enough to IM you about it or call you out in local. That is what an ass nugget does.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to use my weapons of mass distraction, a.k.a. my sweater kittens, to get a free hot dog from this guy.

Dress: Whippet & Buck
Hair: Clawtooth
Shoes: Pixel Mode
Gloves: The Secret Store
Clutch: LoQ
Blazer: ISON
Earring and brooch: Finesmith Designs (brooch is actually an earring)
Glasses: Acid & Mala
Tattoo lashes: Miamai
Poses: Manifeste and Exposeur

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