Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Tolerance is the Only Way

There is a campaign in Second Life called "Tolerance is the Only Way," which promotes acceptance of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender lifestyles. Although in many places, homosexuality may not be as taboo as it used to be decades ago, it still holds something of a social stigma in certain cultures. I have always been an avid supporter of gay rights and acceptance, even though I am heterosexual. I don't feel it is wrong to love someone ever. It's very hard to find love so I don't like when people insist that love is reserved only for a select group of people.

I do however like how many designers have come together to support the LGBT community in this show of solidarity. I'm proud to wear one such design called Urban Flower from Stl! Combining the urban flavor of Asian fashion with a preppy swag, this bold top and short ensemble makes quite the statement. The kimono style top gets a modern update with a short sleeve shirt and tie underneath. The shorts feature a red ribbon accent with a rainbow charm on the side. I love the vibrant hues of this outfit and its relaxed fit. My pose is from Morphine, which has also created special poses for this event.

Look for this and other fabulous designs at the Tolerance is the Only Way sim.

Tights: Zaara
Bracelet: Maxi Gossamer
Glasses: CheerNo
Hair: Emo-tions

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Crash & Learn - MVW Broadway Challenge

The word challenge encompasses a lot of meanings, but for the most part it refers to an obstacle that presents itself as a test of one's wills and skills. My patience has been challenged many times, but it was truly tested this week for the MVW Broadway Challenge.

We were told we would be performing in a show with the Dazzlers dance troupe to the song "Be Italian" from the musical Nine. No doubt the influence was probably current Miss Virtual World, Anna Sapphire, who represented Italy last year. I thought it was a very cool idea; in fact this song, performed by Fergie in the film, was one of my favorites. There was just one teeny, widdle issue--I had lost my sexy.

Thanks to Justin Timberlake settling down into marriage and acting, I have lost all the sexy he brought back years ago. Ok, it's not his fault BUT he really does need to put out some more music because this acting phase is getting on my nerves now.

Anyway, about the challenge, it certainly was one because they aren't kidding when they say if you don't use it, you lose it. A year of living singularly has rendered me clueless on the art of seduction. When granny panties become the norm, switching back to corsets and garters feels foreign. Eventually I got it together.

As far as the show went, I couldn't tell you because I crashed--several times. I wasn't the only one so I took some comfort in knowing I wasn't alone in my frustrations. The true test of wills came when after two arduous hours of waiting, we were called into position for the finale, and I crashed the very moment the song started. Since it was a dance number using a hud, we were instructed to remain backstage should that happen. Both the song and my SL broadway debut were over in a flash. Miss Hungary and Miss Japan shared in my pain backstage as well. We were sad to have missed the performance.

Sometimes you put in so much work that it can be heartbreaking when the effort feels all for naught. It's more painful when you feel overlooked because you didn't get a chance to even showcase your work. Thankfully I have this blog and my Flickr stream to share my styling work. That said, I want to thank all my friends and sponsors for cheering me up and enabling me to continue. I don't know if we're given points on character, but I think everyone deserved full marks for pulling through today. I'm not expecting good results, but that doesn't mean I'm giving up. Just means I will move on because the next challenge awaits. Thanks for reading and supporting me!

Bodice, panties and garter: Blacklace
Skirt and gloves: Evie's Closet
Boots: Lassitude & Ennui
Necktie: Nemesis (closed)
Petals: Gizza (from the Yula Inspiration gown)
Hair: elikatira
Back bow: The Secret Store (modified from the Valentine dress)
Lipstick: m.o.c.k. cosmetics
Eyeshadow: MONS
Mask: Belleza
Prop: Bent!
Pose: DARE (closed)
Rose: gift from a friend

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

2nd MVW Style Challenge - Anna Wintour's Assistant

The second style challenge for MVW was to dress as if we were the assistant to Anna Wintour. I'll shortcut this and just say that Anna Wintour is the real life woman that the fictional boss of The Devil Wears Prada was supposedly based on. She's very strict, particular and high fashion. Naturally her assistant needs to meet the same high standards as her.

So how would one dress for an interview to be Anna Wintour's assistant? Well I dress to impress so I embraced the popular trend of purple for fall and added an exaggerated hat for that fashionista appeal. The gloves are so I avoid leaving greasy fingerprints on Ms. Wintour's fine things as I handle her business. The heels have a cute little rose on the heel, which is hard to see in this photo, but trust me, they're girly yet glamorous. I added some simple gold jewelry which balanced perfectly with the olive bag.

I didn't make the top of the list this week so that was a bummer, but I will continue to give my very best. Thanks again for reading and I hope you continue to show support by sharing my blog with friends.

Dress: MichaMi
Shoes: Handverk
Jewelry: Maxi Gossamer
Gloves: celoe
Bag: je suis (temporarily closed)
Hat: Glam Affair
Makeup: m.o.c.k. cosmetics

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

I Am Me.

Last week some well-meaning friends were griefed inworld by someone who holds a grudge against a single community of people who appreciate SL fashion. My friends only wanted to put on a charity show for Feed a Smile, a organization that provides meals for impoverished children in Kenya. This person threatened to crash the show, and I don't mean just a simple break in--she wanted to shut it down. For me, this action was the last damn straw.

I choose not to mention the name of this person. This person has gained more than enough attention as it is. She gets off on it and the fact that she would go so far as to target a charity function enrages me beyond comprehension. It hurt my friends who only wanted to make a difference for real life kids by doing good things in Second Life. What was originally just a person who seemed bitterly jealous of the MVWs turned into an all-out war against the entire SL fashion community.

This person likes to copybot avatars and then attempts to resell the shapes on marketplace. Next thing I hear, she has gone so far as to send them out in a well-known model group as freebies. The day before this happened, she crashed another agency's show and copybotted more models. Many people filed Abuse Reports. One agency owner even asked a Linden for direct help after an attack took down her sim. The employee told her to file a report. Linden Labs has done very little to hold this person accountable for her actions, which include blatant Terms of Service violations using a hacked viewer designed only to grief sims and people inworld. Shame on you, Linden Labs.

Unlike Linden Labs, I am not going to sit by idly waiting for a solution to waft out of thin air. With the amount of hatred and hurt going around, I wanted to take a positive approach to combating this situation. I went through various ideas, but in the end I chose one that would take away the one thing griefers want more than anything: attention. This was the basis for the "I Am Me" campaign.

This campaign is not aimed at one particular griefer. It's aimed at all of them. My idea is to take all of the attention off of them and channel it into a self-empowerment movement. You don't have to be afraid of griefers. They are just as weak as anyone else. On the other side of the screen they are still only human. They hold no omnipotent powers; they are not gods. Even if they copybot your avatar and threaten to release copies to other people, you need to remember one single fact: Those copies are not the real you and never will be.

As models, we are under the impression that our shapes and skins are the only thing that make us unique, but this is not true. It is ourselves who make us what we are. Doesn't matter if I am a model, fae, hamster, or pop tart; inworld, I am always the one and only Anigma Eulenberg. Even if someone was to come up to me looking the exact same, I'd shrug and ask, "Ok genius, what's the next plan?"

Change your display name to mine and try to enter MVW? Good luck on that, people know how to see usernames.

Take pornographic pics in my copybotted avatar and post them to soil my reputation? Anyone can photoshop me into a pornographic scene anyway, that's not a threat.

Anything else? Oh you're out of ideas? Ok well enjoy looking like me. I don't think it'll bring you much joy or success though because you are missing one thing: my personality. Personalities can never be copybotted. Best of luck trying though.

Once the message gets across that they do not have the power to bully anyone into hiding, the game is over. Some friends have warned me not to become a target but I am already a target for just being who I am. I just got tired of waiting so I went on the offensive and pulled a preemptive strike. Griefers hold no power over me; they are a simple annoyance like a mosquito bite. As long as you don't scratch it, it'll fade away eventually.

I know not everyone is comfortable divulging their avatar's details and that's fine. I am just not going to allow someone to think they have power over me because they know how to look like me. Anyone can look like me, it's not some deeply guarded secret. But there will only be one true Anigma Eulenberg on stage at MVW as Miss Canada during the finals in December, and I can promise you, it won't be some fraud wearing a copybotted shape and skin. It'll be the genuine article, the person who writes this blog. It will be me because only I AM ME.

If you are moved to tell griefers that you will not be bullied, then please join the "I Am Me" Flickr campaign with a photo like the one seen above.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Skin Deep - 1st MVW Styling Challenge

Now I'm sure those of you reading this are going, "Didn't you just post your first styling challenge already?" Well, yes and no. Allow me to explain how the challenges for Miss Virtual World work. There are two types of challenges for the most part in this competition, runway and styling. The runway challenges require us to style a look with poses for the runway. The styling challenges are simply photo challenges so no runway work is done at all. Although some of us post our styles on Flickr, we are not required to do so. That is why you may not see what every contestant wore for each challenge; it is an individual choice to post our work on Flickr.

This is the 1st Styling Challenge so we did not walk a runway for it. We only submitted a photo of a styling based on the theme given to us. This one focused on our ability to apply makeup and hair skillfully. The theme was to create a look based on a real life cosmetics company that would appear in the pages of Vogue. We were given a link to Sephora as an example but not required to copy that look completely. I did my take on the look with purple eye shadows from Mock Cosmetics and Rozena. Since the focus is on the makeup, I chose a punkish mullet a la Pat Benatar from Dura. Even though we are not obligated to use professional SL photographers, my friend Latrelly Flux graciously offered to be mine for the duration of the competition. I thank her from the bottom of my heart for such a generous donation of her time and skills to aid me in my journey.

I don't know how I did, but I do know that the challenge winner was Miss Ireland, Sessie16 so congrats to her! The next style challenge is due next week so keep reading for updates on how that goes. Thanks for supporting me and my blog by reading this!