Saturday, October 13, 2012

Crash & Learn - MVW Broadway Challenge

The word challenge encompasses a lot of meanings, but for the most part it refers to an obstacle that presents itself as a test of one's wills and skills. My patience has been challenged many times, but it was truly tested this week for the MVW Broadway Challenge.

We were told we would be performing in a show with the Dazzlers dance troupe to the song "Be Italian" from the musical Nine. No doubt the influence was probably current Miss Virtual World, Anna Sapphire, who represented Italy last year. I thought it was a very cool idea; in fact this song, performed by Fergie in the film, was one of my favorites. There was just one teeny, widdle issue--I had lost my sexy.

Thanks to Justin Timberlake settling down into marriage and acting, I have lost all the sexy he brought back years ago. Ok, it's not his fault BUT he really does need to put out some more music because this acting phase is getting on my nerves now.

Anyway, about the challenge, it certainly was one because they aren't kidding when they say if you don't use it, you lose it. A year of living singularly has rendered me clueless on the art of seduction. When granny panties become the norm, switching back to corsets and garters feels foreign. Eventually I got it together.

As far as the show went, I couldn't tell you because I crashed--several times. I wasn't the only one so I took some comfort in knowing I wasn't alone in my frustrations. The true test of wills came when after two arduous hours of waiting, we were called into position for the finale, and I crashed the very moment the song started. Since it was a dance number using a hud, we were instructed to remain backstage should that happen. Both the song and my SL broadway debut were over in a flash. Miss Hungary and Miss Japan shared in my pain backstage as well. We were sad to have missed the performance.

Sometimes you put in so much work that it can be heartbreaking when the effort feels all for naught. It's more painful when you feel overlooked because you didn't get a chance to even showcase your work. Thankfully I have this blog and my Flickr stream to share my styling work. That said, I want to thank all my friends and sponsors for cheering me up and enabling me to continue. I don't know if we're given points on character, but I think everyone deserved full marks for pulling through today. I'm not expecting good results, but that doesn't mean I'm giving up. Just means I will move on because the next challenge awaits. Thanks for reading and supporting me!

Bodice, panties and garter: Blacklace
Skirt and gloves: Evie's Closet
Boots: Lassitude & Ennui
Necktie: Nemesis (closed)
Petals: Gizza (from the Yula Inspiration gown)
Hair: elikatira
Back bow: The Secret Store (modified from the Valentine dress)
Lipstick: m.o.c.k. cosmetics
Eyeshadow: MONS
Mask: Belleza
Prop: Bent!
Pose: DARE (closed)
Rose: gift from a friend

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