Saturday, December 15, 2012

Heading Towards the Light

Sometimes life just happens--real life--and some things are completely out of our control in it. Recently a tragedy occurred in the US that just frankly broke my heart. Earlier I was fussing over things going wrong in SL when I found out about this RL event. That's when things got real and yanked me out of whatever asinine drama I thought was important in SL.

I should be resting for a last minute, 6 a.m. rehearsal for the finals. Apparently the stage builder hadn't completed it and made some changes that Mr. Mills did not expect. This means even the final staging will be a total surprise for us. I was originally upset by this until, as I said, things got real. It doesn't matter now.

I want to say that the last four months, despite my frustrations, have definitely been an eye-opener. I discovered more about myself as well as others. I am more confident about the type of person I am and the goals I wish to achieve in 2013. No matter the outcome of this competition, I don't regret doing it because my path is clear now. I know the direction I want to take, and I don't plan to look back.

Recently I watched a vlog of Big Bang fan girls and their trip to their L.A. concert. They traveled all the way from Utah to watch these Korean pop idols perform live. At the end of their 3-day adventure to meet the band they only knew from YouTube merely months ago, they posted a fitting quote that summoned up their feelings: It's better to look back on life and say, "I can't believe I did that," than to look back and say, "I wish I did that."

I don't know if that's an original quote from them, but I would say it speaks to my feelings towards MVW as well. The journey was long and very hard. Nothing came easy but I was touched by the overwhelming support I received from friends and even strangers. I'm so glad I did the I Am Me campaign, which encouraged others to love themselves behind the screen and not worry about some online image that only speaks to a fraction of their personality. When all is said and done, the person on the other side of that screen is the one who must face the greatest challenges in dealing with a real world that can seem both beautiful and mad at the same time.

Hours from now I will appear on that stage in two breathtaking gowns. I will showcase the hard work of Evangeline Miles, Monica Outlander, Vikeejeah Xevion and Yula Finesmith. I will show the audience what months of dedication, perseverance, and commitment looks like. I will hold my head high knowing I represented Canada and models of color to the best of my ability and did it with integrity and class. I thank God for this moment which feels so insignificant in the light of recent events. Although there is sorrow in my heart for those grieving losses today, I will not shed a tear over losing MVW. I have gained more blessings than one could ever hope for and regret nothing.

For those who have followed my journey, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I'm just a strange person who occasionally ventures into a virtual world to meet kindred souls from across the globe. Thanks to this, I feel less lonely on the planet and take great solace in knowing that people who I've never met face to face have come to accept the very real woman behind this blog. I hope you'll continue follow my journey, wherever it may lead.

The finals begin at 10am SLT today and you can view it online through live streaming at Metaverse TV. As I warned, it will be a very LONG program so keep the drinking to a minimum for fewer bathroom trips. Feel free to comment in the chat box on the sidebar of the video feed, but please don't feed the trolls any drama. They show up every year and every year they just sound lame and ignorant--ignore them. That said, I will NOT be in there myself, so if anyone claims to be ME, they are LYING! You don't have to point it out in chat because anyone silly enough to believe I'd risk crashing just to watch myself in a pageant, clearly does not know me well. I'm not stupid; that sim will be super laggy. I can watch the edited video and look at pics after the winner is crowned.

Thanks again for all the words of encouragement! I'll post about the aftermath once it's over!

Yes, it is me in this poster. Tiny victory \o/

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The End is Near...

I don't know about the world ending, but I do know that Miss Virtual World 2013 will end this Saturday, December 15th at 10 am SLT. Well technically that's when the finals start to air on Metaverse TV, and it should go on for about 3-5 hours. I suggest to anyone that watches the finals to lay off the liquids that day if you insist on seeing every minute of it.

I can finally reveal the Apocalyptic look I compiled months ago for one of the style challenges. My inspiration was the new NBC show Revolution, but somehow I ended up looking like Lara Croft with short braids. You may laugh. It was not intentional but I admit it's funny how I managed to do that out of sheer serendipity--emphasis on the "dip" part. Despite that, I thought I looked like a deranged vigilante hell bent on survival at all costs. Wasn't my strongest styling, but I gave it a shot.

There are only a few days left before the debut of my custom gowns from Evie's Closet and Miamai, as well as custom hair from Loovus Dzevavor. I wish I could invite you all to attend the finals in person, but given the magnitude of this event, it is open to only the judges and some VIPs. The positive thing is that because it will be on Metaverse TV, you will all be able to see it lag free from inworld or even offline if you don't wish to log in. I know some people plan viewing parties every year for this, which is a great idea to watch the Misses and share opinions of their costume, swimwear and formal looks. As usual, there may be trolls in the Metaverse chat room on the side of the viewing screen. Please just ignore them as their only purpose is to stir up unnecessary drama. I don't care what some anonymous troll hiding behind a screen and various alts has to say so neither should you. I know the people in my life that matter care about me most and that's all that counts.

I know I won't win. Don't make that face. It's not that I've given up, it's just that I know when there are better stylists than me that deserve to win. I have a good idea of who the top 5 will be, but we'll find that out on Saturday. Even with 40% of the score left, I still think my predictions won't be too far off. In the interest of good sportsmanship, I won't list the names here. I will post my reactions after finals of course.

Before I do forget, you do have a chance to vote for your fave MVW. The most popular one will get an award for being the people's choice. That's it. Not really a huge deal. Vote for whoever, doesn't have to be me. Just click the circle next to her name and then touch the vote button at the bottom of the page. Here's the link

Thanks for the support!

Boots: DECO
Dirt makeup: Pekka
Nose piercing: Exxess (part of Rusch outfit)
Tank: MichaMi
Bruises: Lovely Mi
Necklace and cigarette: Virtual/Insanity
Earrings: Maxi Gossamer
Handgun: CnS e-motion
Runny mascara: blackliquid
Pose: Avante Poses (no longer available)
Rest of ensemble: Bare Rose (various outfits combined)

Monday, December 3, 2012

Interview with a MVW - Part Zwei

Apologies for the very long overdue post again. The weeks leading up to MVW's finals have been mentally taxing and my energy is quite drained. Even though I've been in two pageants before this, I can say this one has been the toughest to endure. In less than two weeks a new MVW will be crowned and at least 29 contestants can get a bit more sleep and relaxation. The winner will just have to forgo slumber for an entire year.

Members of the public were invited to a live press presentation featuring the MVWs wearing the same Mimikri dress. We were allowed to style it up as we liked of course. I went for something simple since I figured the idea was to focus on us more than what we wore. This would be a chance for the audience to ask one question and get to know each contestant better. I was happy to have a couple of friends there to cheer me on as I approached the front of the stage for my question.

I got one that I've been asked many times before: "Why did you choose to represent Canada? What is it about its culture and traditions that appeal to you?" Sometimes this question bothers me only because on screen it almost translates as "Why didn't you choose a different country?" I'm sure that wasn't the intent, but I do feel very strongly about my relationship to my Canadian friends and their homeland. I feel no shame at all in being the virtual face of a diverse country that embraces many cultures and traditions. They love their beavers and poutine. Someone loved their maple syrup enough to steal 600 barrels of it, which devastated many pancake fans I'm sure. I love that every Canadian I have ever met has had a warm and welcoming heart that accepts people as they are. Being a film graduate, I have always dreamt of attending the Toronto Film Festival since many American movies are made there. I love that gay marriage is legal in a majority of the country there and that I don't get the sense that people let the concept of religion overshadow the importance of treating others humanely. And yes I have considered dual citizenship so that I may call both North American countries, USA and Canada, my home. There are many reasons why to choose Canada. The better question would be, "why not choose Canada?" I'm very proud of my choice.

Before anyone starts applauding, since it was a question asked on the spot, I should point out that the above answer is the long form of what I gave. My actual answer was about three sentences long, but I wanted to be considerate to the other 26 contestants who had yet to speak after me. I wasn't about to take up several minutes to try and prove I'm some super intellectual being with a lot to say. That is what a blog is for.

The results of who won the audience vote was never told to us. I don't know if we'll ever get the results. I can't answer as to why there is so much secrecy concerning our rank in the competition. I want to believe it's for a positive reason, but like a few others, I'm baffled by the judging system. I want to know how I'm doing and be able to answer that question when people ask "so how are you doing in MVW?" It would be like running a marathon and never having the final race times posted. Athletes want to know if all that hard work and practice paid off so getting some kind of feedback would be appreciated. Even if they don't want to give us scores, at least some judging feedback would help us grow as models.

We had a Winter Wonderland show with our Valentino looks yesterday. We were also told by Mr. Mills in a notice that they had their top 12 and top 5 chosen--for the competition, not the challenge. Again, please don't freak out, all 30 contestants will be in the finals given that nothing horrible happens to any of them before Dec. 15. All the notice meant is that for the most part, the competition is pretty much over so there is nothing more to do than focus on the big day of announcing who the winner is. For some, like me, this is a bit of a relief because the decisions have been made and nothing more can be done to change them. For others, it could be a discouraging message that there is no point in trying any harder to campaign for the title at this point. (Update: A notice came later from Mr. Mills explaining the ill-worded message sent yesterday and that the finals will account for the remaining 40% of the overall score in choosing the next MVW.)

I have many, many things to say about my experience but for now I'll withhold those comments publicly for the sake of fulfilling several promises to see this thing through. I'll just continue to say what I can't seem to stop saying to all of you reading this: thank you for the support. It has meant more than you may ever know.

Dress: Mimikri
Shoes: Leverocci
Jewelry: Finesmith Jewelry
Eyeshadow: MONS
Lipstick: m.o.c.k. cosmetics
Hair: Loovus Dzevavor

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

MVW Bliss Couture Challenge

It is no understatement when I say that Miss Virtual World is literally what you make of it. You have one of two choices when it comes to each challenge presented: cry like a child or suck it up and get on with the task. I won't lie. There were times when I have done both.

The Bliss Couture challenge was a unique one that tested the skills of the contestants' ability to transform a typical dress into a different creation. We were all given the same three colors of the Wynn gown, as well as a few other accessories to play with. The only rule was that we were not allowed to modify the texture of the pieces themselves. We were allowed to pull apart every prim and relocate it to any part of our body that would result in a fabulous gown.

This challenge took place in October so I know I'm late on this post, but if you recall, it was so I could have my photo taken by Rabia Baxton. She approached me politely to ask if I would oblige her with a photo session for her portfolio and I was happy to do so. As you can see, it was worth the wait. If you are looking to book an appointment, feel free to contact her! (Note: I'm not her personal assistant so please do not send me any bookings. They will go unanswered.)

Back to the challenge story...not much to tell really. It was a runway challenge so we just walked down the catwalk, did a few poses and came back. In the end, one of the contestants' creations was chosen to be sold later as a Bliss Couture gown named after her and that honor went to Miss Hong Kong, Rehana Seljan. Congrats to her and the other top winners for this challenge! (I wasn't one of them. Don't make that face, I tried my best so it's fine.)

I'll post again later on the live press presentation interview all the contestants had. Thanks for reading!

Dress: Bliss Couture (modified by moi)
Gloves: Purple Moon
Earrings: Finesmith Jewelry
Makeup: L. Fauna
Hair: Bliss Couture

Monday, November 12, 2012

Interview with a MVW - Part One

For those of you who have been around long enough, you should recognize the title of my post is a play on Interview with the Vampire. My actual voice interview judges was not nearly as dramatic. At least that's what I keep telling myself.

My ongoing battles with Second Life and its glitches are as old as the feud between Elmer Fudd and Bugs Bunny. The day of my voice interview, the wascally wabbit known as SL decided to act up--BIG TIME.

My outfits would not fully rez at all. The only solution was to put everything on piece by piece, which is tedious depending on the amount of attachments and layers you have on. However, my brain was occupado with a more pressing issue: my mic wasn't working.

Actually you could hear me just fine on Skype, but the interviews were being conducted on SL's voice system, which is licensed through a company called Vivox. For whatever reason, my Sigma Tel Audio sound program and Vivox battled like dogs over a pork chop. There was constant static coming from my mic, and I knew it was picking up the inner workings of my laptop, which I swear is quite silent in real life. I nearly went mad trying to adjust the settings inworld and offline to find a happy medium that allowed me to be heard over the distorted din. Eventually I got it sorted out.

Coincidentally, the little issue of my outfit not fully rezzing was still present as my friends informed me that not only did my hair base appear to be missing but so were my legs. I toggled between outfits, hoping it would help, yet little did I know it was all in vain as I teleported to the interview site.

The typical greetings were exchanged. A bit of witty banter. The judges began asking me questions as to why I was in Miss Virtual World and the like. Then Mr. Mills asked a most disturbing question: "Is anyone else having problems seeing Anigma's legs?" My brain exploded. This was akin to someone pointing out that your skirt is tucked into your pantyhose--except you are no longer in the bathroom but in a conference room where everyone can see your Hello Kitty. I was so embarrassed.

One of the judges kindly complimented the rest of my appearance and said I still looked gorgeous even if I was bald and legless. I took some comfort in this, but my face was still flush from the awkward moment. From that point on, I rambled my way through the rest of the questions and probably made zero sense to anyone. Alas, that seems to be my lot in life; to be misunderstood always.

We have a second live interview with the press this coming weekend. I'm praying that SL cooperates for once by rezzing all my clothes and allowing my voice to come through clearly. Thanks again for following my MVW journey. Here's hoping for the best!

This is the outfit fully rezzed with my hair base.

Skirt and Shoes: Loovus Dzevavor
Shirt: Baiastice
Hat: Diram (part of the Brigitte dress)
Gloves: Purple Moon (from the Marlene dress)
Hair: Amacci
Eyeshadow: KOSH
Eyeliner: Chelle
Lashes: Maxi Gossamer

Sunday, November 11, 2012

MVW Valentino Challenge...and some TBA later

Before I get into my usual spiel, I should update you on a couple of things that have transpired. For starters, there have been a few MVW challenges that I have not posted yet. We had a Bliss Couture challenge, that required us to recreate a new gown using pieces from the one provided to us. Normally I would have taken my own pic, posted it on Flickr and blogged my adventures in creating it. As it would so happen, I was approached by someone who wanted to take my photo. I accepted her offer and am currently awaiting the finished pic to blog.

The challenge that came after that was another style challenge, which of course means it is only photographed, no runway. The theme was Apocalypse Now, and we were to dress as if the final days of Earth were upon us. Usually, I'd style and post the pic, but again something came up. We were asked not to post them publicly because they will be incorporated into the finals. I can't say much more than that except that I didn't win the challenge and somehow I managed to look like Lara Croft with dreadlocks. You'll have to use your imagination until December to picture that.

I often get asked how well I'm doing in MVW and my response is always the same: I have no clue. I placed in the top 12 for the Anna Wintour challenge and that is all I know. Most of the time we are only told the winner of the challenge or the top 5, and if you're not one of those names, you're left in the dark on your score. For all I know, I could be at the very bottom.

That brings me to the Valentino Challenge. This one was an unexpected surprise because the same day that our apocalyptic challenge was due, we were given this one. We had only one week to style it, take a pic and submit it. My usual photographer, Latrelly Flux, started working a seasonal job so this was really bad timing. I panicked because I had to somehow replicate the style of Valentino and then get the photo done in time. Thankfully things worked out and I couldn't be happier with the finished product. I didn't want to do an exact styling off the runway because it was far too simple. Real runway is all about the clothes so naturally the models have few accessories and tidy hairstyles. I thought about how I would mix and match pieces from the Fall Couture 2012 collection and apply it to a workable style. Couture is especially tricky since it involves complex shapes that one normally wouldn't wear on a daily basis. More specifically couture fashion is typically customized for a particular client, which makes most of it one of a kind. You're not going to find it in department stores.

So here is my one of a kind look. If I'm lucky, I'll hear results and they'll be good ones. If not, I'll be in the dark even more. No matter what though, I am content with what I did so that is a victory in itself.

Dress: celoe
Jewelry and Nails: Finesmith Jewelry
Hair: booN
Jacket: REMY
Hat: LaGyo
Eyeshadow: Ricielli
Eyeliner: Chelle
Lashes: Maitreya (group gift)
Pose: Manifeste

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Tolerance is the Only Way

There is a campaign in Second Life called "Tolerance is the Only Way," which promotes acceptance of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender lifestyles. Although in many places, homosexuality may not be as taboo as it used to be decades ago, it still holds something of a social stigma in certain cultures. I have always been an avid supporter of gay rights and acceptance, even though I am heterosexual. I don't feel it is wrong to love someone ever. It's very hard to find love so I don't like when people insist that love is reserved only for a select group of people.

I do however like how many designers have come together to support the LGBT community in this show of solidarity. I'm proud to wear one such design called Urban Flower from Stl! Combining the urban flavor of Asian fashion with a preppy swag, this bold top and short ensemble makes quite the statement. The kimono style top gets a modern update with a short sleeve shirt and tie underneath. The shorts feature a red ribbon accent with a rainbow charm on the side. I love the vibrant hues of this outfit and its relaxed fit. My pose is from Morphine, which has also created special poses for this event.

Look for this and other fabulous designs at the Tolerance is the Only Way sim.

Tights: Zaara
Bracelet: Maxi Gossamer
Glasses: CheerNo
Hair: Emo-tions

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Crash & Learn - MVW Broadway Challenge

The word challenge encompasses a lot of meanings, but for the most part it refers to an obstacle that presents itself as a test of one's wills and skills. My patience has been challenged many times, but it was truly tested this week for the MVW Broadway Challenge.

We were told we would be performing in a show with the Dazzlers dance troupe to the song "Be Italian" from the musical Nine. No doubt the influence was probably current Miss Virtual World, Anna Sapphire, who represented Italy last year. I thought it was a very cool idea; in fact this song, performed by Fergie in the film, was one of my favorites. There was just one teeny, widdle issue--I had lost my sexy.

Thanks to Justin Timberlake settling down into marriage and acting, I have lost all the sexy he brought back years ago. Ok, it's not his fault BUT he really does need to put out some more music because this acting phase is getting on my nerves now.

Anyway, about the challenge, it certainly was one because they aren't kidding when they say if you don't use it, you lose it. A year of living singularly has rendered me clueless on the art of seduction. When granny panties become the norm, switching back to corsets and garters feels foreign. Eventually I got it together.

As far as the show went, I couldn't tell you because I crashed--several times. I wasn't the only one so I took some comfort in knowing I wasn't alone in my frustrations. The true test of wills came when after two arduous hours of waiting, we were called into position for the finale, and I crashed the very moment the song started. Since it was a dance number using a hud, we were instructed to remain backstage should that happen. Both the song and my SL broadway debut were over in a flash. Miss Hungary and Miss Japan shared in my pain backstage as well. We were sad to have missed the performance.

Sometimes you put in so much work that it can be heartbreaking when the effort feels all for naught. It's more painful when you feel overlooked because you didn't get a chance to even showcase your work. Thankfully I have this blog and my Flickr stream to share my styling work. That said, I want to thank all my friends and sponsors for cheering me up and enabling me to continue. I don't know if we're given points on character, but I think everyone deserved full marks for pulling through today. I'm not expecting good results, but that doesn't mean I'm giving up. Just means I will move on because the next challenge awaits. Thanks for reading and supporting me!

Bodice, panties and garter: Blacklace
Skirt and gloves: Evie's Closet
Boots: Lassitude & Ennui
Necktie: Nemesis (closed)
Petals: Gizza (from the Yula Inspiration gown)
Hair: elikatira
Back bow: The Secret Store (modified from the Valentine dress)
Lipstick: m.o.c.k. cosmetics
Eyeshadow: MONS
Mask: Belleza
Prop: Bent!
Pose: DARE (closed)
Rose: gift from a friend

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

2nd MVW Style Challenge - Anna Wintour's Assistant

The second style challenge for MVW was to dress as if we were the assistant to Anna Wintour. I'll shortcut this and just say that Anna Wintour is the real life woman that the fictional boss of The Devil Wears Prada was supposedly based on. She's very strict, particular and high fashion. Naturally her assistant needs to meet the same high standards as her.

So how would one dress for an interview to be Anna Wintour's assistant? Well I dress to impress so I embraced the popular trend of purple for fall and added an exaggerated hat for that fashionista appeal. The gloves are so I avoid leaving greasy fingerprints on Ms. Wintour's fine things as I handle her business. The heels have a cute little rose on the heel, which is hard to see in this photo, but trust me, they're girly yet glamorous. I added some simple gold jewelry which balanced perfectly with the olive bag.

I didn't make the top of the list this week so that was a bummer, but I will continue to give my very best. Thanks again for reading and I hope you continue to show support by sharing my blog with friends.

Dress: MichaMi
Shoes: Handverk
Jewelry: Maxi Gossamer
Gloves: celoe
Bag: je suis (temporarily closed)
Hat: Glam Affair
Makeup: m.o.c.k. cosmetics

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

I Am Me.

Last week some well-meaning friends were griefed inworld by someone who holds a grudge against a single community of people who appreciate SL fashion. My friends only wanted to put on a charity show for Feed a Smile, a organization that provides meals for impoverished children in Kenya. This person threatened to crash the show, and I don't mean just a simple break in--she wanted to shut it down. For me, this action was the last damn straw.

I choose not to mention the name of this person. This person has gained more than enough attention as it is. She gets off on it and the fact that she would go so far as to target a charity function enrages me beyond comprehension. It hurt my friends who only wanted to make a difference for real life kids by doing good things in Second Life. What was originally just a person who seemed bitterly jealous of the MVWs turned into an all-out war against the entire SL fashion community.

This person likes to copybot avatars and then attempts to resell the shapes on marketplace. Next thing I hear, she has gone so far as to send them out in a well-known model group as freebies. The day before this happened, she crashed another agency's show and copybotted more models. Many people filed Abuse Reports. One agency owner even asked a Linden for direct help after an attack took down her sim. The employee told her to file a report. Linden Labs has done very little to hold this person accountable for her actions, which include blatant Terms of Service violations using a hacked viewer designed only to grief sims and people inworld. Shame on you, Linden Labs.

Unlike Linden Labs, I am not going to sit by idly waiting for a solution to waft out of thin air. With the amount of hatred and hurt going around, I wanted to take a positive approach to combating this situation. I went through various ideas, but in the end I chose one that would take away the one thing griefers want more than anything: attention. This was the basis for the "I Am Me" campaign.

This campaign is not aimed at one particular griefer. It's aimed at all of them. My idea is to take all of the attention off of them and channel it into a self-empowerment movement. You don't have to be afraid of griefers. They are just as weak as anyone else. On the other side of the screen they are still only human. They hold no omnipotent powers; they are not gods. Even if they copybot your avatar and threaten to release copies to other people, you need to remember one single fact: Those copies are not the real you and never will be.

As models, we are under the impression that our shapes and skins are the only thing that make us unique, but this is not true. It is ourselves who make us what we are. Doesn't matter if I am a model, fae, hamster, or pop tart; inworld, I am always the one and only Anigma Eulenberg. Even if someone was to come up to me looking the exact same, I'd shrug and ask, "Ok genius, what's the next plan?"

Change your display name to mine and try to enter MVW? Good luck on that, people know how to see usernames.

Take pornographic pics in my copybotted avatar and post them to soil my reputation? Anyone can photoshop me into a pornographic scene anyway, that's not a threat.

Anything else? Oh you're out of ideas? Ok well enjoy looking like me. I don't think it'll bring you much joy or success though because you are missing one thing: my personality. Personalities can never be copybotted. Best of luck trying though.

Once the message gets across that they do not have the power to bully anyone into hiding, the game is over. Some friends have warned me not to become a target but I am already a target for just being who I am. I just got tired of waiting so I went on the offensive and pulled a preemptive strike. Griefers hold no power over me; they are a simple annoyance like a mosquito bite. As long as you don't scratch it, it'll fade away eventually.

I know not everyone is comfortable divulging their avatar's details and that's fine. I am just not going to allow someone to think they have power over me because they know how to look like me. Anyone can look like me, it's not some deeply guarded secret. But there will only be one true Anigma Eulenberg on stage at MVW as Miss Canada during the finals in December, and I can promise you, it won't be some fraud wearing a copybotted shape and skin. It'll be the genuine article, the person who writes this blog. It will be me because only I AM ME.

If you are moved to tell griefers that you will not be bullied, then please join the "I Am Me" Flickr campaign with a photo like the one seen above.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Skin Deep - 1st MVW Styling Challenge

Now I'm sure those of you reading this are going, "Didn't you just post your first styling challenge already?" Well, yes and no. Allow me to explain how the challenges for Miss Virtual World work. There are two types of challenges for the most part in this competition, runway and styling. The runway challenges require us to style a look with poses for the runway. The styling challenges are simply photo challenges so no runway work is done at all. Although some of us post our styles on Flickr, we are not required to do so. That is why you may not see what every contestant wore for each challenge; it is an individual choice to post our work on Flickr.

This is the 1st Styling Challenge so we did not walk a runway for it. We only submitted a photo of a styling based on the theme given to us. This one focused on our ability to apply makeup and hair skillfully. The theme was to create a look based on a real life cosmetics company that would appear in the pages of Vogue. We were given a link to Sephora as an example but not required to copy that look completely. I did my take on the look with purple eye shadows from Mock Cosmetics and Rozena. Since the focus is on the makeup, I chose a punkish mullet a la Pat Benatar from Dura. Even though we are not obligated to use professional SL photographers, my friend Latrelly Flux graciously offered to be mine for the duration of the competition. I thank her from the bottom of my heart for such a generous donation of her time and skills to aid me in my journey.

I don't know how I did, but I do know that the challenge winner was Miss Ireland, Sessie16 so congrats to her! The next style challenge is due next week so keep reading for updates on how that goes. Thanks for supporting me and my blog by reading this!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

New Challenge - Old Hollywood

The first official public presentation for Miss Virtual World was also the first runway challenge. The theme we were given was "retro fashion," and we were told to style like old Hollywood starlets. I went for a femme fatale look, dark and demure with an air of mystery.

When it comes to styling in general, it can be tempting to cover every attachment with something because the misconception of looking "put together" is that you must put everything together. Simplicity can be a difficult style to pull off effortlessly, so I'll be honest and say this took some work. In fact, my final look was my third styling I had come up with. I was relatively pleased with the results, including my posing on stage. A lot of the contestants were very well-styled so I hope the judges felt I had one of the stronger overall looks and performances. I will continue to do my very best as Miss Virtual Canada and make everyone proud of me.

Thanks again for reading the post! I appreciate all the support!

Skirt and collar: Azul
Belt and lipstick: Baiastice
Clutch: COCO
Eyeshadow: Ricielli
Earrings: Dahlinks
Lashes: Maitreya

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

"The Competition Has Started!"

As the title of this post says, this is what Mr. Mills exclaimed upon seeing the MVW candidates at our first official meeting. I took that to be a positive sign since I could hear the elation in his voice as he looked each one of us over. For some of the ladies, this was a reunion with their mentor. For others, like myself, this was an introduction to the person who would ultimately choose the winner in the end. In some ways, MVW can come across like a sorority with everyone vying to join the legacy of legendary models. We were the pledges who had survived the equivalent of Rush Week known as the MVW auditions and were now joined as Sisters.

I won't lie. I was as anxious as anyone else for the initial meeting. Some of us are friends with previous contestants and had heard the tales of tears and meltdowns that occurred during the first MVW meeting. I didn't know what to expect. Maybe Mr. Mills would like me. Maybe he would take one look at me and shake his head in disappointment. As I surveyed how expertly dressed the other women were, I expected the latter. However, to my surprise and delight, he took notice of me on the first day.

Let me clarify one thing right now in case anyone has any misconceptions: I do not personally know Frolic Mills. If anything, I've been warned many times to be cautious in his presence. Rumors of his callous nature were greatly exaggerated as I would come to find out though. He wasn't really that intimidating; he was kind of a pussy cat. Whether he had mellowed over the years, I couldn't tell you because as I said, this was the first time we had any kind of direct interaction. Thankfully, I had made a positive impression.

He called up a few other ladies who caught his attention and told everyone not to mistake this as meaning one of us was the winner already. We all had a chance to excel or fail based on our styling and actions. This was never more clear than the next day when I received a constructive critique for my pose choices. I was humbled and grateful, albeit a bit disappointed in myself for not garnering the same kudos I received the day before. This is what it means to be in MVW. One day you're in front of the pack; the next day you return to the back. To win, there can be no room for small errors. This is the Olympics of SL modeling.

My first styling is a retro casual ensemble I concocted while creating looks for the first scored challenge that will take place during BOSL Fashion Week. Thanks to a sale at coldLogic, I was able to score a great dress that allowed me to channel my rockabilly side.

My second styling was a mini test given to us for the second meeting with the theme "fall chic casual." We were told to think of what women in New York would wear while shopping 5th Avenue. I considered another skirt ensemble but went for a risk to stand out. Even though it didn't pay off well, I still enjoyed what I did.

Pic. 1
Dress: coldLogic
Eyeshadow and purse: Ricielli
Liner and lipstick: Lush Limited
Glasses: artilleri
Stockings: Insolence (closed)
Gloves (modified): The Secret Store
Pose: Manifeste

Pic. 2
Jacket: SLink
Pants: coldLogic
Hat: LaViere (currently at FaMeshed)
Gloves: celoe
Pose: Corpus

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Born to Be Wild This Way

A couple months ago, my SL existence changed with the news that I was selected to be a Miss Virtual World 2013 finalist. It has been an awkwardly exhilarating journey so far with figuring out who will design my final gowns and hair; who will take my MVW photographs; how I'll manage my time for everything, etc. The first two weeks after the selection was a whirlwind of press with an interview for Associated Press SL and my first photo shoot for Best of SL Magazine. Everything felt so surreal, but considering it's Second Life, that's not really a surprise. After all, I role play as a fairy half of the time so suddenly becoming Miss Virtual Canada shouldn't seem too weird...

Actually, I misspoke when I said "suddenly." This is not some random overnight success story. In fact a lot of candidates are just like me. We faced crushing rejection in previous years of vying for a shot at Miss Virtual World but persevered until we made it. However, I do feel fortunate in that I made it during my second year of modeling. It was upsetting last year when I couldn't even make it past the photo round. I understand how easy it is to fall into the evil trap of thinking "oh well if only I had the money for a top notch photographer..." or "well if I was part of the inner circle of BOSL..." when you fail because it is a hard pill to swallow. Failure never goes down easy, but it's not meant to feel good. Failure is a necessary evil because it pushes you to work harder for success. It took a year and a drastic makeover, but it happened because I didn't allow myself to wallow in self-pity or jealousy.

Now despite this being my third pageant of the year, every challenge is a first for me. Interviews are still strange because quite frankly I don't talk about myself all that often, but I don't mind them. I would be lying if I didn't admit the attention feels good when people respond positively to them. It's always nice to be recognized for your achievements. I also really loved my photo shoot for Best of Second Life with Bodza Mubble, who happens to be Miss Hungary in the pageant this year. I thank her for a beautiful photo of me all decked out in biker apparel. I don't know that I nailed the style of "biker chic" but I had fun doing it regardless. I'll post more of my styles as the competition continues along, so keep on reading and feel free to follow my blog and my journey throughout Miss Virtual World.

Hair base: MADesigns Hair
Pants: Riddle
Gloves: Lush Limited
Earring: je suis (temporarily closed)
Eyeliner: Cheap Makeup
Bracelet: KOSH
Tattoo: Nemezi

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Rumor Has It...Or Does It?

Sorry about the long overdue post, Miss Virtual World is starting to heat up and I'm trying to get in my final naps before all hell breaks loose. That being said, I wish to address the whole silly rumor drama that is apparently going on.

Here's my honest thought on it: I do not care. Not one bit.

I don't read Agency Report. I don't even know the website for it. Nor do I wish to know. If you know, keep it to yourself because again--I do not care.

I am not afraid of so-called "stalkers" in SL. I live on a private parcel which I have land rights over and it's not set to public access. Why? Because my virtual home is not a museum, but I have given personal tours to very close friends. I can mute, eject, ban, and I'm not above filing an Abuse Report on relentlessly stupid avatars who insist on being pests. It's not cruel, it's called "I do not care."

The thing about people who stir up trouble online is they only want attention and as ironic as it sounds, talking about them all the time, actually gives them just that. Don't talk about them. Just mute them to send the clear message of "I do not care."

I care about many things. I care about my family always. I care about my friends. I also care about my real life, which is probably why "I do not care" about trivial matters that occur in my Second Life. Life is far too short as I found out quite tragically this year after losing a friend to cancer. It put everything in perspective and really solidified the things that do matter.

That said, I have told my friends on many occasions that I'm going to do my best to have fun during Miss Virtual World. I do not care about rumors. I do not care about some nameless toon who is allegedly skulking around contestants because she's got nothing better to do than harass complete strangers online. Quite frankly, unless that person can correctly identify the color of the shirt I am wearing in real life, I am really not afraid. No one can physically hurt you in Second Life. It's all just silly head games and you don't have to play along.

So laugh it off. Laugh it all off. Laugh until your sides hurt and you cry your eyeballs dry. Don't take stupid little things so seriously all the time. Remember to laugh.

Costume: Strawberry Fizz
Couch: Cheeky Pea

Sunday, July 29, 2012

I Want My Vintage Fair 2012

Vintage Fair 2012 will soon be upon us, and I can't wait! Last year's event was so successful that it's back for another year. Featuring dozens of talented creators from all over the grid, most items sold will reflect a time period of the past. I am wearing a preview from Lush Limited called Benatar. As you probably guessed, it was inspired by singer Pat Benatar, and I'm a huge fan of this outfit. This is designer Xi Zane's first foray into mesh clothing and I am quite impressed by her 80's collection. This certainly takes me back as I grew up during that time. MTV made its debut, bringing music into living rooms with artists such as Michael Jackson, Madonna, David Bowie, and of course Pat Benatar. I'll be showing more items from Vintage Fair 2012 so save up your cash now because you will WANT to get EVERYTHING!

Also I'm wearing preview items from Loovus Dzevavor for the upcoming Sydney Fashion Week which debuts in August. More details to come later once I'm done going through all the awesome clothes, hair and shoes!

Top and belt: Lush Limited (Vintage Fair)
Eyeshadow: Nemezi
Lips and liner: Lush Limited
Hair and shoes: Loovus Dzevavor (Sydney Fashion Week)
Leggings: Pink Outfitters
Jewelry and nails: Finesmith Jewelry
Prop box: Bent!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Back to Cool

I love my designer friends. I truly mean that. They are so talented, generous and kind, and I would be literally broke and naked without them. I love showing off their work whenever the occasion arises and today I have chosen to showcase the work of Torn Difference, creator for House of TORN.

I met Torn at a friend's housewarming/store opening party and she seemed like a genuinely funny and chill person. If you haven't been by her store, I suggest that you hightail it there now because you are missing out on some of the most original mesh clothing on the grid. She creates things that I would actually wear in real life.

I am wearing her newest releases in the style of a preppy honor roll student. The secret location of my shoot today was my lovely Parisian penthouse from Barnesworth Anubis, which is quickly becoming my favorite prefab store. The furnishings came from SPRY, Cheeky Pea, Trompe L'oeil, and what next. I love my cozy new digs.

Shirt and pants: House of TORN
Shoes: Fir & Mna
Necklace: League
Glasses: bitch/bastard
Eyeliner: Miamai
Couch 1: Cheeky Pea
Couch 2: Trompe L'oeil
Curtains: Cheeky Pea
Wall Art 1: SPRY
Wall Art 2: what next
Lamp: Trompe L'oeil

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Standing Proud

Ok, time for me to get a little personal. Yes, again, don't make that face; it's for a good reason this time. Editorial Clarity-Flux and RicoRacer Flux have spearheaded a campaign called Stand4Love. It addresses the issue of granting equal rights for same-sex couples. I have always been a supporter of gay rights both inworld and in real life. I was infuriated when Proposition 8 was passed in California years ago, banning same-sex marriage. Moreover I was heated by the signs on yards that said "Yes to 8. Yes to families." Really? I know there are a lot of potheads in California, but someone was seriously smoking something when they devised that disgusting law. What defines a "family" nowadays? Furthermore how dare anyone try to define "marriage," as a civil right that only belongs to a certain group of people? Am I the only one with deja vu here?

Decades ago, there was a group trying to say voting was a right allowed only by white men. Women and minorities protested, marched and fought against this injustice. We got the vote.

Next it became an issue of deciding who could go where based on the color of one's skin. More protests and marching. The country experienced great unrest. This too was soon abolished.

Then came the deeper topics of who was allowed to marry whom. There was a time when they tried to ban people of different races from marrying. They would actually arrest people for marrying outside their race. This was in the United States. This was during the 1950s. Laws were eventually passed to allow anyone of any race to marry each other.

This brings us to today. Same issue, but this time involving same-sex marriages. People citing that it'll confuse children or bring down the "institution" of marriage. When I think of institutions, I generally think of the nut house, which some jokingly say marriage will drive you to. I was so pleased when Proposition 8 was abolished in California by its supreme court for being unconstitutional. I hope to never see such a waste of tax money on a ballot again.

All this garbage about same-sex marriages ruining chances for hetero couples or diluting the "sanctity" of marriage, makes me shake my head. I ended my engagement just a year ago and let me tell you, it had nothing to do with homosexuality. It ended because I chose to end it. Wasn't like I turned on Logo and went, "Oh look, gay people on TV! I suddenly feel no compulsion to marry a man." I'm still straight, single and looking to marry.

That said, I know it's probably controversial for me, an American, to represent Canada in Miss Virtual World, but I chose Canada because I love the heart of that nation. I love my Canadian friends. It is a wonderful country, rich in multiculturalism and diversity. How does Canada differ from the United States? Well for one, same-sex marriage is allowed there. I'd love to say the same about the entire U.S. but it's currently a work in progress.

I'm proud to stand with a nation that embraces love for what it is. Something that brings people together. Love creates families. It creates children. It's been the only thing keeping the human race from going completely extinct. Stand up for the one thing that can unite the world: love.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

From Dreams to Virtual Reality

There are no words to describe the feelings connected to a dream coming to fruition. All the endless months of prepping, stressing, and trying not to lose hope culminate in that one moment. June 23, 2012 marked the second round of auditions for Miss Virtual World 2013. Thankfully I had been called back in the last audition so I did not have to resubmit a photo. Still there was a greater challenge this round.

We had to style two different outfits this round. The first one was casual chic; the second one was formal. Frolic Mills, CEO of the Miss Virtual World Organization, was going to personally look over our outfits and decide who would get to walk for the judges. If you managed to pass the casual chic inspection, you moved onto formal. If he cleared you through formal, you got to walk for the judges. I found this out only 36 hours before the auditions. My heart stopped at the idea that I may not get to compete this year.

I spent the next two sleepless nights pouring over my inventory and dashing around the grid for something inspirational. Casual chic has never been my strong suit when under pressure. I have a very simple style and didn't think it would translate well. After creating two different outfits, I chose the latter. Fortunately I had the advantage of prepping my formal look a month in advance of this rule change because I was planning to wear it for the next audition anyway.

I was convinced I wouldn't get a chance to walk so I told my friends I wouldn't send them an invite. No point in coming if I wouldn't be seen on stage at all. Just so happened that we ended up on stage after all--for the first round of eliminations. Mortified, I took it all in jovial stride, sending a LM so my friends could watch my public "execution." As we were gathering around the stage I crashed. I returned backstage to see some of the girls wearing their formal gowns. I lost, I thought, but to be sure, I asked what had happened. We were all safe. We would all get to walk in our formal wear for the judges.

This was great news as I had more confidence in my formal look. I went with a mash-up of a Limited Edition recolor of an Azul dress and a group gift from Purple Moon. I knew it was risky and unexpected, but hoped it would pay off. I spent more time on it, perfecting every prim and pouring over thousands of poses to show it off well. I thought I had a good shot this time with no holes in my dress to hide. Despite a couple of hiccups, I managed to walk without crashing on stage. Then came the waiting for the results. It would be a full day before they came out.

I was so nervous that I barely got any sleep. At some point I managed a 4-hour nap. When I woke up, I noticed the time and just had a gut feeling the results were out. I checked my email...

I saw the words "CONGRATULATIONS" splashed over the subject lines. Being half asleep, I had a hard time thinking this had really happened. I logged in quickly to see if this was in fact a hallucination. Sure enough, my IMs were flooded and my messages capped. I retrieved a copy of the results list from BOSL's notices. There, at the top, was my name. I couldn't catch my breath.

Once reality set in, I started asking questions about what to do next. SL gave me a lot of headaches but eventually I got my invite into the official MVW group and sent in my country selection. Although I'm American, USA was already taken so I chose our neighbors to the north, Canada. My Canadian friends joyously approved.

I look forward to October when the MVW competition officially begins. Best of luck to anyone still auditioning; I wish you well. Give it your all!

Special thanks to Angiliak Crystal of Pilgrim Creative and Pipins for taking this photo of me in my MVW audition dress.

Base dress: Azul
Skirt and roses: Purple Moon
Jewelry and nails: Finesmith Jewelry
Hair: Loovus Dzevavor
Makeup: m.o.c.k. cosmetics
Lashes: Miamai

Thursday, June 21, 2012

What's the Hold Up?

You may be wondering about the title of this post, and I'll gladly explain it. A few weeks ago, I was talking to some folks who are still defiantly clinging to their V1 style viewers. The topic of mesh came up because I was dressed in my mesh bunny avatar, and a couple of people were confused how a "cluster of boxes" could be considered fluffy. (For the record, I'm quite cuddly and cute as a bunny.) I mentioned it was a mesh avatar, to which I got the same tired reply I heard many times before: "We just don't think enough people are using it enough to convert to mesh." Really?? It's been over a year. There is something about just being plain stubborn to change, especially when it limits you creatively as a designer, builder, or model. If your system meets the spec requirements, just try it, and I mean really try it, not the old 30-minute trial period where you give up because you refuse to look at the instructional 3-min videos on learning the basics. Back in the day, some of you older ones spent 10 hours camping for a single linden; you cannot convince me that three minutes is torture.

Maybe you're one of those "non-conformist" types that thinks you're sticking it to LL by not using their viewer. That's all milk and cookies, but there are third party viewers with mesh viewing capabilities now and if you haven't figured it out, LL does not care. Think I'm kidding? They already removed the download link for SL 1.23. That's your sign.

Besides, look at what you are missing out on: petites, giant mesh avatars like dragons and bunnies, more detailed buildings, complex clothing and hair shapes that were never possible with sculpties...the list is endless. Check out this outfit from Loovus Dzevavor: the shoes and romper--all mesh. I move like butter in sims, and my av looks fine as hell without wonky sculpts moving around in a cartoonish fashion.

And this Maitreya hair called Siobhan? Oh yes it is mesh, my friends and it is fabulous! The hat is attached to the hair, but it also moves with hair. And get this: the hair moves with YOU! Every time you turn your head, it moves along with it; no more sculpted prims cutting through your body. Plus it has a handy hud to change the texture of the hat.

So stop reading this blog--wait, read the style credits first, but then download a mesh-enabled viewer, no excuses! Check your graphic settings before you login because people often complain they crash upon login. That could be because the graphics were set higher than your computer can handle, so lower them but not below medium. If all you can manage is low graphics well...I am truly sorry and hope you get an upgrade soon. (FYI, you can't see mesh on low graphics, sorry.) And hell, give the LL viewer a shot even, after all, isn't SL about the user connections and content inside? Like getting into a sold-out Prince concert, who cares what system you have to use, as long as you get in, that's all that matters. Be wary in what you download though because unless it's the official LL one, they will not help you with any defective issues you experience, nor can they help you if it's a sketchy third party one containing pirating software. Anti-virus software is only a condom that's 96% effective; use your head before putting just anything onto your hard drive.

/me hops off my soapbox and returns to enjoying mesh in SL.

Romper and shoes: Loovus Dzevavor
Hair and bag: Maitreya
Makeup: m.o.c.k. cosmetics
Bracelet: Finesmith Jewelry

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Ellora of the Light

I simply ADORE the newest release from Evie's Closet called Ellora. Fragrant petals cluster around the hem of the halter top, which is adorned with a beautiful flower sparkling with dew. Pearlescent twigs wrap themselves around the neck and arm for a touch of whimsy. It includes the wings and tattoo makeup pictured here as well. There are two outfit options, the fairy one with a short skirt, or a long dress version for more formal affairs. It also comes in petite sizes for you wee ones who wish to look as adorable as your taller companions.

Outfit: Evie's Closet
Hair: Calico Ingmann Creations (old RFL Exclusive)
Feet: SLink

Monday, June 4, 2012

In Hindsight...

I was very fortunate to get a callback for the Miss Virtual World 2013 auditions. Last year I failed to even qualify for them so this was a HUGE deal for me. A year of hard work was finally paying off. I was elated and nauseous at the same time. This is the big leagues! It's like the SL Styling Olympics with women from around the global grid competing for a shot at this recognizable title. I knew I needed a dress that would personify my style and dazzle the judges. I wracked my brain for days, hopping from store to store as I searched desperately for that WOW dress.

A friend sent a notice about the Couturier Docks, a new fashion place with limited edition items. I went over to take a look, and there it was in all its golden and onyx glory: the Cassiope dress from sYs Designs. Their latest creation using mesh looked so wonderful in the gorgeous pic, that I was instantly sold. Even though there wasn't a demo, I had seen it blogged before so I figured it was worth the plunge.

I immediately put it on at home, excited to try on this daring number. As I always do with new purchases, I cammed myself from head to toe, admiring every nook and--what the hell is that on my bum? I could not believe my eyes. There, in the crook of a fold near my right buttocks, was a glaring black hole.

I realized this was the dress underneath and thought perhaps my shape needed adjustment so I went into Appearance Mode. Removed my saddlebags. Nothing. Flattened my ass. Still there. Turned my already slender legs into a pair of toothpicks. Once I found myself looking like Skeletor with no change in the error, it hit me: the mesh was flawed.

I checked my graphics settings. Tried on other meshes in case it was an SL glitch. Nothing. My perfect dress was a perfect mess. The alpha barely covered the necessary areas; I actually had to add another alpha from a skirt in another outfit just to hide my avatar's rump. When I walked, the mesh was so paper thin that my legs peeked out from any movement larger than a kimono walk. This was a disaster.

Remaining calm, I knew I had a couple weeks before the callbacks were announced. I sent their customer service representative a note, making sure to include a pic of the problem and offering to show it to them in person. A few days later she replied that she had sent my note to the designer to have a look at the issue. I felt hopeful that this would be resolved in a matter of days. Unfortunately it wasn't resolved soon enough.

Having hedged my bets on my look, I tried my best to find solutions. Perhaps mixing and matching pieces from other dresses would help. Zero inspiration. What could I do? The callbacks had been made by then and I only had a few days left to prepare. With little time to spare, I did the only thing I could: balled like a big ass baby. Just kidding, I only drank a couple shots of vodka to calm my brain into functioning again. Once it did, I was able to find a decorative piece from Finesmith to hide the flaw. Still try as I might, I thought it looked a hot mess in the back no matter what I did.

In the end, things kept falling apart all through the audition process: constant crashing and being upstaged by someone building a large prim next to me as I was posing for the judges onstage. I didn't make it in.

Despite the setbacks, I have learned some valuable lessons that I'm sure to forget soon as I'm at that age where things vanish quickly from memory if not written down. For starters, ALWAYS try demos first! No demo means a risky buy. If the designer is too busy to put something that simple in a box to try out on your shape, then they're likely too busy to fix any errors with your purchase later. Also try not to get so swept up in a competition that you buy things on impulse. We all do it irl too so remind yourself that if it's meant to work out, it will be available to buy later.

That being said, I will audition again using a more stable viewer and steering clear of mesh unless I've demoed it. I normally don't mean to have long posts, but I got fed up with being ignored. Ah yes, about the result of this error... Sent a follow up notecard to the designer a few days after the audition. It's been a week with no reply. It's fine though. My lindens can visit other stores.

UPDATE: I sent a third note and got a refund for the trouble. I appreciate this gesture and will continue to support the designer.

Dress: sYs Designs
Jewelry, lashes and nails: Finesmith Jewelry
Hair: Amacci
Eyeshadow: Nemezi
Lipstick: m.o.c.k. cosmetics
Shoes: Loovus Dzevavor
Pose: Manifeste

Special thanks to Isodel Resident for being prompt and gracious in her customer service when the walk I purchased for MVW was not working. Check out her animations at Iso-Motion!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Colour of Couture - The Finals

Of course I have to show my final two stylings from the Miss Colour of Couture competition because I just had too much fun putting them together. Also, in case anyone was wondering how I earned my 1st Runner Up title, I wanted them to be able to judge for themselves. The first challenge was color blocking, which is the assemblance of bold blocks of color together for a bright and vibrant look. Once again I took some style cues from The Hunger Games with my take on how the citizens of the Capitol possibly dressed. I was nervous about sporting pink hair, but my brand word was daring for the final challenges so I took it to the extreme.

The second and final challenge was in the style of Diane Von Furstenberg's Resort 2012 collection. This was a particularly tricky one since it was very simplistic with monochromatic tones and few splashes of color. Crazy patterns were also interspersed throughout the collection so I used that to my advantage and wore these eye-catching houndstooth patterns.This time I toned down the hair to a natural shade and added pops of color to my makeup.

Looking back, there were a couple of challenges I could've done better, but overall I am satisfied that I accomplished most of my goals. I never needed a title to gain an edge in my modeling career so this will not stop me from excelling further. I'm looking forward to my first Miss Virtual World audition and hope to earn a place among the finalists there.

Pic. 1
Skirt: NYU
Shirt: Gato
Jacket: The Secret Store (old hunt gift)
Tights: Milk Motion
Shoes: Nardcotix
Lashes: Miamai
Makeup: Lush Limited; Chelle
Eyeliner: Apple May Designs
Nail polish: m.o.c.k. cosmetics
Hair: booN
Hair decoration: Solidea Folies
Jewelry: Finesmith Jewelry
Pose: Manifeste

Pic. 2 & 3
Tank top: Lush Limited
Lipstick: Lush Limited; LovelyMi (worn in layers)
Skirt: MichaMi
Shoes: Nardcotix
Hair: Loovus Dzevavor
Eyeshadow: Mons
Lashes and liner: Apple May Designs
Nail polish: m.o.c.k. cosmetics
Bracelet: Finesmith Jewelry
Glasses: Kumaki
Purse: Ricielli
Collar: Maitreya (Epoch Legend event, no longer available)
Poses: Corpus (2); Everglow (3)