Thursday, June 28, 2012

From Dreams to Virtual Reality

There are no words to describe the feelings connected to a dream coming to fruition. All the endless months of prepping, stressing, and trying not to lose hope culminate in that one moment. June 23, 2012 marked the second round of auditions for Miss Virtual World 2013. Thankfully I had been called back in the last audition so I did not have to resubmit a photo. Still there was a greater challenge this round.

We had to style two different outfits this round. The first one was casual chic; the second one was formal. Frolic Mills, CEO of the Miss Virtual World Organization, was going to personally look over our outfits and decide who would get to walk for the judges. If you managed to pass the casual chic inspection, you moved onto formal. If he cleared you through formal, you got to walk for the judges. I found this out only 36 hours before the auditions. My heart stopped at the idea that I may not get to compete this year.

I spent the next two sleepless nights pouring over my inventory and dashing around the grid for something inspirational. Casual chic has never been my strong suit when under pressure. I have a very simple style and didn't think it would translate well. After creating two different outfits, I chose the latter. Fortunately I had the advantage of prepping my formal look a month in advance of this rule change because I was planning to wear it for the next audition anyway.

I was convinced I wouldn't get a chance to walk so I told my friends I wouldn't send them an invite. No point in coming if I wouldn't be seen on stage at all. Just so happened that we ended up on stage after all--for the first round of eliminations. Mortified, I took it all in jovial stride, sending a LM so my friends could watch my public "execution." As we were gathering around the stage I crashed. I returned backstage to see some of the girls wearing their formal gowns. I lost, I thought, but to be sure, I asked what had happened. We were all safe. We would all get to walk in our formal wear for the judges.

This was great news as I had more confidence in my formal look. I went with a mash-up of a Limited Edition recolor of an Azul dress and a group gift from Purple Moon. I knew it was risky and unexpected, but hoped it would pay off. I spent more time on it, perfecting every prim and pouring over thousands of poses to show it off well. I thought I had a good shot this time with no holes in my dress to hide. Despite a couple of hiccups, I managed to walk without crashing on stage. Then came the waiting for the results. It would be a full day before they came out.

I was so nervous that I barely got any sleep. At some point I managed a 4-hour nap. When I woke up, I noticed the time and just had a gut feeling the results were out. I checked my email...

I saw the words "CONGRATULATIONS" splashed over the subject lines. Being half asleep, I had a hard time thinking this had really happened. I logged in quickly to see if this was in fact a hallucination. Sure enough, my IMs were flooded and my messages capped. I retrieved a copy of the results list from BOSL's notices. There, at the top, was my name. I couldn't catch my breath.

Once reality set in, I started asking questions about what to do next. SL gave me a lot of headaches but eventually I got my invite into the official MVW group and sent in my country selection. Although I'm American, USA was already taken so I chose our neighbors to the north, Canada. My Canadian friends joyously approved.

I look forward to October when the MVW competition officially begins. Best of luck to anyone still auditioning; I wish you well. Give it your all!

Special thanks to Angiliak Crystal of Pilgrim Creative and Pipins for taking this photo of me in my MVW audition dress.

Base dress: Azul
Skirt and roses: Purple Moon
Jewelry and nails: Finesmith Jewelry
Hair: Loovus Dzevavor
Makeup: m.o.c.k. cosmetics
Lashes: Miamai

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