Saturday, August 15, 2015

The Mighty Jungle

There's an old saying that goes, "clothes make the man," but what defines a woman? Too often we're bombarded with imagery that dictates what we should look like. As a black woman in SL and RL, I understand those messages all too well. Even my family buys into the notion of straight hair being good hair. How is loving your hair's natural texture not good? In fact, when is embracing any part of your natural body not good?

That's why I was ever so excited when I saw pictures of my friend Vikeejeah Xevion sporting the fabulous Taya tresses from Aibeat. The store has a variety of styles celebrating the beauty of women of color.

Speaking of color, I'm wearing the Jungle Queen dress from Lush by Coco. The one-shoulder gown twists into a split down the front for a sensually elegant design. Available in four different colors, get yours now at Designer Showcase for 150L.

As for my accessories, they are the Eva earrings from Finesmith Jewelry, Art Deco purse from Junbug, and Sea Horse sandals from Pure Poison.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Oh My Gau

As summer winds down, there is an inherent need to break away for one last weekend of hedonistic extravagance. When you feel that call for excitement, be sure to dress the part. I suggest the Gau dress from Loovus Dzevavor. It's a sultry maxi dress with a low-cut back and deep scoop neckline. I combined it with the Dasia brim hat and Sudan tote, which are both part of the Sahara collection. I'm also wearing the Baltic heels, but I wasn't able to take a picture that would do those gorgeous shoes justice.

Hair: Lelutka
Glasses: Monnier
Necklace: Mandala

Sunday, May 24, 2015

We Love Ysara

After spending over seven years in Second Life, you'd think I would've done everything imaginable. Believe it or not, there is still plenty for me to experience. In fact, I got to share a first with a friend for this post.

I've never done an official joint blog post with someone until recently. I've volunteered to be in posts for others, but I never reblogged the post for my site. It's just something I realized now. That's why I'm glad my friend Halfwraith Caerndow agreed to do a post with me.

For this post, we decided to showcase a new release from Evie's Closet for We Love Roleplay. We're wearing the Ysara dress, an embossed leather jumper with an optional camisk top and sleeves. Since We Love Roleplay is celebrating their anniversary, there is also a gift available from Evie's Closet in her booth. You don't need to join any groups to receive it, and it's free (not a dollarbie labeled as a "freebie" -- I hate false advertisements). There's less than a week before the current items available switch to new ones, so get in there soon!

Special thanks to Halfwraith Caerndow for taking photos with me! Please check out her blog too!

Anigma's Style Card
Wings: Grainne -- Evie's Closet (wings not sold seperately; must buy outfit)
Wreath: Grainne -- Evie's Closet (sold seperately)
Dress: Ysara -- Evie's Closet for We Love Roleplay
Hair: Lelutka (old group gift; unavailable)

Halfwraith's Style Card
Wings: Grainne -- Evie's Closet
Tiara: Meabh -- Luminary for We Love Roleplay
Hair: Acantha -- Damselfly for Fantasy Gacha
Mesh Body Parts: SLink

Monday, May 4, 2015

Flowers of Mercy

Some days you get dressed to the nines but find you have nowhere to go. What is one to do in such circumstances? I suggest taking a slew of selfies of yourself looking gorgeous to remember this moment. After all, why should your efforts to look good go to waste?

I'm introducing a couple of new releases today. The first is the Mercy dress from Loovus Dzevavor. It's a strapless sheath with a sweetheart neckline and options for a gold or silver zipper in the back. You can buy it for a bargain price of 100L now at Designer Showcase this month. I'm also wearing the Ukitu heels available at the mainstore. I've accessorized it with the Fourrure stole from Epoque and the Flower set from Finesmith Jewelry. The Flower set features a golden filigree design accompanied by giant white blooms. There is a tiara available in the set as well, but I felt it was a bit much for this outfit.

As a writer, I take great pride in my manicure, so wearing the Chrome SLink nails from Moondance Boutique gave my hands a boost of shine for extra sparkle.

Dressing nicely shouldn't be done just for special events; dress yourself nicely to feel good too. Real life doesn't always afford us the luxuries we desire in life, but thankfully, we have Second Life to fulfill our fashion fantasies.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

As the Magic Fades...

The final hours of Fantasy Faire are upon us as we bid farewell to this beautiful Relay for Life event. I regret being unable to enjoy the fair more, but alas, time is a deceptively quick beast that way. I truly wish events like this went on longer so more residents could partake in it. Regardless of my tardiness to this wonderful fair, allow me to showcase some special RFL items that you can pick up last minute today!

FantaSea created a tropical treat called Aloha. Giant palm leaves and hibiscus blooms adorn the torso and accentuate the buttocks. A starfish attachment decorates the tail and matches the hairpiece. There is also a cute starfish necklace to go with this outfit. You can find this along with many other mermaid themed creations in the Odyssey sim.

Of course, what would any Fantasy Faire be without the always elegant Evie's Closet. This year we are blessed with a trio of gorgeous works in the form of a dress, wings and slippers as part of her Caoimhe collection. The RFL edition is a deep purple with veins of gold woven throughout the gown. You can find the same detail on the slippers, which come in SLink, Belleza, and system avatar sizes. The wings are a fabulous addition with both scripted and unscripted versions included. You may pick up this beautiful set in the Odyssey sim as well.

If you're like me and are late, never fear for there is still time left! Get into the fair today before these lovely lands disappear into the mists for another year!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

New Bee-ginnings

I'm quite aware of how corny the title is, but you'll find out why I used a pun in a minute. First, allow me to apologize to all who may have been following my blog or Flickr and noticed my extended hiatus. It was not intentional. Real life happens, and that's all it was. I burned out and needed a long break.

To all of the designers who hoped I would blog their items in a timely fashion, I'm so sorry for not informing you of my blogging status. I kept thinking I would eventually return, but a day became a week, which turned into a few months, and so on. I never meant to ignore your requests or overlook your creations, and it broke my heart to disappoint so many people.

Since I'm done repenting for the sin of resting, I have great news: I'm back! I needed to do some soul-searching before I felt comfortable with blogging again. My confidence wasn't the best because of some real life events, and the idea of posting filled me with fatigue. I was simply tired and uninspired by Second Life, so I logged off to find other hobbies.

During my interim, I acquired a part-time job as a writer for a real life website and became a Ferosh model in Second Life. I am thankful to Absinthe Montenegro for encouraging me to audition for Ferosh. I was feeling pretty low as work as a model became as non-existent as work in real life. Joining a new agency and returning to writing instilled more confidence in me. As a result, I wanted to rebuild myself in both worlds.

In real life, I cleaned myself up and changed some of my habits for the sake of my health. In Second Life, I got a new skin called Loredana from Meghindo's. I'm wearing a new jumpsuit from Lush by Coco called Fury, and it's the perfect summer outfit for poolside drinks. I accessorized my attire with the Honeybee earrings by Finesmith Jewelry (told you there was a point to the title). I'm also wearing the Safari clutch from Swallow and Lynette sandals from Co57. The DARE83 updo came from booN and requires a separate hairbase, so be sure to purchase both together.

Again, I apologize for taking nearly a year to reboot myself and my blog, but it's good to be back again! Please look forward to more posts!