Sunday, May 3, 2015

As the Magic Fades...

The final hours of Fantasy Faire are upon us as we bid farewell to this beautiful Relay for Life event. I regret being unable to enjoy the fair more, but alas, time is a deceptively quick beast that way. I truly wish events like this went on longer so more residents could partake in it. Regardless of my tardiness to this wonderful fair, allow me to showcase some special RFL items that you can pick up last minute today!

FantaSea created a tropical treat called Aloha. Giant palm leaves and hibiscus blooms adorn the torso and accentuate the buttocks. A starfish attachment decorates the tail and matches the hairpiece. There is also a cute starfish necklace to go with this outfit. You can find this along with many other mermaid themed creations in the Odyssey sim.

Of course, what would any Fantasy Faire be without the always elegant Evie's Closet. This year we are blessed with a trio of gorgeous works in the form of a dress, wings and slippers as part of her Caoimhe collection. The RFL edition is a deep purple with veins of gold woven throughout the gown. You can find the same detail on the slippers, which come in SLink, Belleza, and system avatar sizes. The wings are a fabulous addition with both scripted and unscripted versions included. You may pick up this beautiful set in the Odyssey sim as well.

If you're like me and are late, never fear for there is still time left! Get into the fair today before these lovely lands disappear into the mists for another year!

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