Monday, November 12, 2012

Interview with a MVW - Part One

For those of you who have been around long enough, you should recognize the title of my post is a play on Interview with the Vampire. My actual voice interview judges was not nearly as dramatic. At least that's what I keep telling myself.

My ongoing battles with Second Life and its glitches are as old as the feud between Elmer Fudd and Bugs Bunny. The day of my voice interview, the wascally wabbit known as SL decided to act up--BIG TIME.

My outfits would not fully rez at all. The only solution was to put everything on piece by piece, which is tedious depending on the amount of attachments and layers you have on. However, my brain was occupado with a more pressing issue: my mic wasn't working.

Actually you could hear me just fine on Skype, but the interviews were being conducted on SL's voice system, which is licensed through a company called Vivox. For whatever reason, my Sigma Tel Audio sound program and Vivox battled like dogs over a pork chop. There was constant static coming from my mic, and I knew it was picking up the inner workings of my laptop, which I swear is quite silent in real life. I nearly went mad trying to adjust the settings inworld and offline to find a happy medium that allowed me to be heard over the distorted din. Eventually I got it sorted out.

Coincidentally, the little issue of my outfit not fully rezzing was still present as my friends informed me that not only did my hair base appear to be missing but so were my legs. I toggled between outfits, hoping it would help, yet little did I know it was all in vain as I teleported to the interview site.

The typical greetings were exchanged. A bit of witty banter. The judges began asking me questions as to why I was in Miss Virtual World and the like. Then Mr. Mills asked a most disturbing question: "Is anyone else having problems seeing Anigma's legs?" My brain exploded. This was akin to someone pointing out that your skirt is tucked into your pantyhose--except you are no longer in the bathroom but in a conference room where everyone can see your Hello Kitty. I was so embarrassed.

One of the judges kindly complimented the rest of my appearance and said I still looked gorgeous even if I was bald and legless. I took some comfort in this, but my face was still flush from the awkward moment. From that point on, I rambled my way through the rest of the questions and probably made zero sense to anyone. Alas, that seems to be my lot in life; to be misunderstood always.

We have a second live interview with the press this coming weekend. I'm praying that SL cooperates for once by rezzing all my clothes and allowing my voice to come through clearly. Thanks again for following my MVW journey. Here's hoping for the best!

This is the outfit fully rezzed with my hair base.

Skirt and Shoes: Loovus Dzevavor
Shirt: Baiastice
Hat: Diram (part of the Brigitte dress)
Gloves: Purple Moon (from the Marlene dress)
Hair: Amacci
Eyeshadow: KOSH
Eyeliner: Chelle
Lashes: Maxi Gossamer

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