Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Rumor Has It...Or Does It?

Sorry about the long overdue post, Miss Virtual World is starting to heat up and I'm trying to get in my final naps before all hell breaks loose. That being said, I wish to address the whole silly rumor drama that is apparently going on.

Here's my honest thought on it: I do not care. Not one bit.

I don't read Agency Report. I don't even know the website for it. Nor do I wish to know. If you know, keep it to yourself because again--I do not care.

I am not afraid of so-called "stalkers" in SL. I live on a private parcel which I have land rights over and it's not set to public access. Why? Because my virtual home is not a museum, but I have given personal tours to very close friends. I can mute, eject, ban, and I'm not above filing an Abuse Report on relentlessly stupid avatars who insist on being pests. It's not cruel, it's called "I do not care."

The thing about people who stir up trouble online is they only want attention and as ironic as it sounds, talking about them all the time, actually gives them just that. Don't talk about them. Just mute them to send the clear message of "I do not care."

I care about many things. I care about my family always. I care about my friends. I also care about my real life, which is probably why "I do not care" about trivial matters that occur in my Second Life. Life is far too short as I found out quite tragically this year after losing a friend to cancer. It put everything in perspective and really solidified the things that do matter.

That said, I have told my friends on many occasions that I'm going to do my best to have fun during Miss Virtual World. I do not care about rumors. I do not care about some nameless toon who is allegedly skulking around contestants because she's got nothing better to do than harass complete strangers online. Quite frankly, unless that person can correctly identify the color of the shirt I am wearing in real life, I am really not afraid. No one can physically hurt you in Second Life. It's all just silly head games and you don't have to play along.

So laugh it off. Laugh it all off. Laugh until your sides hurt and you cry your eyeballs dry. Don't take stupid little things so seriously all the time. Remember to laugh.

Costume: Strawberry Fizz
Couch: Cheeky Pea

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  1. Love this article Ani. I agree with you 110%. Those who think they can intimidate others with their useless bullying are really in a losing battle and they know it, so what I do is let them fail...all on their ignoring, muting, defriending, derendering and pretending that they never existed. OMG I love my SL tools.