Thursday, July 5, 2012

Standing Proud

Ok, time for me to get a little personal. Yes, again, don't make that face; it's for a good reason this time. Editorial Clarity-Flux and RicoRacer Flux have spearheaded a campaign called Stand4Love. It addresses the issue of granting equal rights for same-sex couples. I have always been a supporter of gay rights both inworld and in real life. I was infuriated when Proposition 8 was passed in California years ago, banning same-sex marriage. Moreover I was heated by the signs on yards that said "Yes to 8. Yes to families." Really? I know there are a lot of potheads in California, but someone was seriously smoking something when they devised that disgusting law. What defines a "family" nowadays? Furthermore how dare anyone try to define "marriage," as a civil right that only belongs to a certain group of people? Am I the only one with deja vu here?

Decades ago, there was a group trying to say voting was a right allowed only by white men. Women and minorities protested, marched and fought against this injustice. We got the vote.

Next it became an issue of deciding who could go where based on the color of one's skin. More protests and marching. The country experienced great unrest. This too was soon abolished.

Then came the deeper topics of who was allowed to marry whom. There was a time when they tried to ban people of different races from marrying. They would actually arrest people for marrying outside their race. This was in the United States. This was during the 1950s. Laws were eventually passed to allow anyone of any race to marry each other.

This brings us to today. Same issue, but this time involving same-sex marriages. People citing that it'll confuse children or bring down the "institution" of marriage. When I think of institutions, I generally think of the nut house, which some jokingly say marriage will drive you to. I was so pleased when Proposition 8 was abolished in California by its supreme court for being unconstitutional. I hope to never see such a waste of tax money on a ballot again.

All this garbage about same-sex marriages ruining chances for hetero couples or diluting the "sanctity" of marriage, makes me shake my head. I ended my engagement just a year ago and let me tell you, it had nothing to do with homosexuality. It ended because I chose to end it. Wasn't like I turned on Logo and went, "Oh look, gay people on TV! I suddenly feel no compulsion to marry a man." I'm still straight, single and looking to marry.

That said, I know it's probably controversial for me, an American, to represent Canada in Miss Virtual World, but I chose Canada because I love the heart of that nation. I love my Canadian friends. It is a wonderful country, rich in multiculturalism and diversity. How does Canada differ from the United States? Well for one, same-sex marriage is allowed there. I'd love to say the same about the entire U.S. but it's currently a work in progress.

I'm proud to stand with a nation that embraces love for what it is. Something that brings people together. Love creates families. It creates children. It's been the only thing keeping the human race from going completely extinct. Stand up for the one thing that can unite the world: love.

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