Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The End is Near...

I don't know about the world ending, but I do know that Miss Virtual World 2013 will end this Saturday, December 15th at 10 am SLT. Well technically that's when the finals start to air on Metaverse TV, and it should go on for about 3-5 hours. I suggest to anyone that watches the finals to lay off the liquids that day if you insist on seeing every minute of it.

I can finally reveal the Apocalyptic look I compiled months ago for one of the style challenges. My inspiration was the new NBC show Revolution, but somehow I ended up looking like Lara Croft with short braids. You may laugh. It was not intentional but I admit it's funny how I managed to do that out of sheer serendipity--emphasis on the "dip" part. Despite that, I thought I looked like a deranged vigilante hell bent on survival at all costs. Wasn't my strongest styling, but I gave it a shot.

There are only a few days left before the debut of my custom gowns from Evie's Closet and Miamai, as well as custom hair from Loovus Dzevavor. I wish I could invite you all to attend the finals in person, but given the magnitude of this event, it is open to only the judges and some VIPs. The positive thing is that because it will be on Metaverse TV, you will all be able to see it lag free from inworld or even offline if you don't wish to log in. I know some people plan viewing parties every year for this, which is a great idea to watch the Misses and share opinions of their costume, swimwear and formal looks. As usual, there may be trolls in the Metaverse chat room on the side of the viewing screen. Please just ignore them as their only purpose is to stir up unnecessary drama. I don't care what some anonymous troll hiding behind a screen and various alts has to say so neither should you. I know the people in my life that matter care about me most and that's all that counts.

I know I won't win. Don't make that face. It's not that I've given up, it's just that I know when there are better stylists than me that deserve to win. I have a good idea of who the top 5 will be, but we'll find that out on Saturday. Even with 40% of the score left, I still think my predictions won't be too far off. In the interest of good sportsmanship, I won't list the names here. I will post my reactions after finals of course.

Before I do forget, you do have a chance to vote for your fave MVW. The most popular one will get an award for being the people's choice. That's it. Not really a huge deal. Vote for whoever, doesn't have to be me. Just click the circle next to her name and then touch the vote button at the bottom of the page. Here's the link http://www.missvirtualworld.info/miss-virtual-world/mvw-peoples-choice-award/.

Thanks for the support!

Boots: DECO
Dirt makeup: Pekka
Nose piercing: Exxess (part of Rusch outfit)
Tank: MichaMi
Bruises: Lovely Mi
Necklace and cigarette: Virtual/Insanity
Earrings: Maxi Gossamer
Handgun: CnS e-motion
Runny mascara: blackliquid
Pose: Avante Poses (no longer available)
Rest of ensemble: Bare Rose (various outfits combined)

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