Sunday, September 11, 2011

Out with the Bold

If you are curious as to why I chose this title well, I'll explain. Sometimes I think people can become so insecure with their appearance, myself included, that they're willing to throw out their entire identity to fit in anywhere. I find this heartbreaking but who among us hasn't had one of those moments where we look in the mirror and think, is this ok? Being an SL model, there is constant pressure to look a certain way to succeed so it's easy to feel not good enough. Still this is my face and I've grown attached to it over the past 3 years. As in RL, your face is your personal identifier, even twins have slight facial differences if you look closely enough. There are people who may recommend a little nip here and a tuck there so you look more acceptable. I'm all for constructive criticism but it takes strength in yourself to know when something doesn't feel right. Let's examine my usual model face, shall we?

I've always appreciated having a Mona Lisa smile, with that slight look of mischief. My bottom lip is a tad larger than my top lip thanks to an old dodgeball injury as a kid but it's still my mouth. My eyes are nice, wide and almond shaped. My nose used to be a bit larger but in older pics it took on its own personality so creative license was taken there. Reason I'm mentioning this is likely more for myself than anyone else because it's hard some days to love yourself after rejection. Despite some successes, hearing "no" never hurts less. After crying, I said, ok fine, they don't like me now but wait until next year. They might come around and go, "You know what? I like that one." Even if they don't, remember that it's just a few opinions. Do you like you? Ok then stop crying. Nothing wrong with loving yourself ever.

That being said, you see this face?
You like this face?

Too bad so sad because it's going in the "when Hell freezes over" pile along with the med school applications. (God bless all you doctors, nurses and everyone in the medical field. I don't have the patience or tolerance for blood and sick people to be in a hospital so you have my profound respect.)

I can only follow my dreams and can only be myself. Looking at my extensive friends list and my SL accomplishments, I don't think people have issues with who I am so I figure I'm ok as is. I'm ok with me too so there you have it.

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