Saturday, May 10, 2014

Why I Relay

This is my third year blogging for Fantasy Faire. It is also the second year since I have lost two childhood friends from cancer. I found out about their illnesses through Facebook, which is possibly one of the worst ways to learn a friend has cancer. I felt completely helpless in that moment. I hated that. This is why I relay. I relay because it is the only way I know how to help. My aim is to spread awareness and share ideas on how to help with the fight to cure cancer. One way to do that is to inform others of where they can donate in Second Life.

As I have mentioned, Fantasy Faire is one such event that allows other residents to help out by buying RFL exclusive items or donating directly to the RFL kiosks. This past week I have shown several looks of available goods that can be purchased for this worthy cause. I am showing the last ones I have styled today.

The Princess Frillies boy-cut briefs from Frosting have a small bow with an optional cameo pendant that features the silhouette of a Disney princess. Ribbons adorn the sides of the briefs and offset the frilly lace on the backside. This is a gatcha item so be prepared to gamble your lindens if you have a favorite princess in mind. You can find it in the same booth as Folly in Hope's Horizon.

Next is this spectacular Sumiana crown from Aisling. It comes in a spring and ice version, and you can purchase matching collars to go with it. Long chains and stone accents bring out the regality of this piece, which pairs wonderfully with the Darienne hair from Wasabi Pills. Look for Aisling in Hope's Horizon and find Wasabi Pills on the Sanctum sim.

Lastly, I am showcasing an outfit AND decor in this final picture. I normally stray from blogging about decor, especially since I tend to haphazardly throw random bits around interiors, but made an exception for the Remembrance fountain and shelf from On a Lark and Sweet Poison. The fountain is comprised of stone with candle inserts flanking a gentle stream of water. The shelf piece, also accompanied by candlelight, holds a framed letter that speaks to the heart of all who relay. I'm wearing the RFL Finis outfit from Fantavatar & Moonstruck, an elven frock that brings out the forest rogue in everyone. Complete with an optional hood and leafy belt, this delight comes in both standard and fitted mesh sizes. If you are wondering about the little man on the tiny dragon beside me, this is another RFL item from Dwarfins. This Flying Dragon Rider will accompany you through all your journeys and can be found in Hope's Horizon. You can locate On a Lark and Sweet Poison in Mournivale Thicket; whereas Fantavatar & Moonstruck is in Heavenslough.

With this, we come to closing days of Fantasy Faire 2014. This has been an awe-inspiring year again with so many designers coming together to support cancer research. Hopefully you have all been able to explore the 11 sims and take in their beauty. Sunday is the last day so hurry over if you haven't visited yet!

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