Friday, March 29, 2013

The Big 5

Well it happened. I turned 5 in SL years. It's strange to think that 5 years ago I created this account out of curiosity and mild desperation. I say the latter because at the time I thought I could network my way to a new real life job through Second Life. I was also a bit lonely since I had no one to talk to during the day as I looked for work. It was just me in my quiet apartment, isolated for the first time in 3 years. I didn't think I'd have a hard time enduring the solace, but I became depressed when things started looking bleak.

I hung out in a few chat rooms to connect with people, but the conversations were either vapid or sparse most times. Chat trolls would interrupt a good flow with their endless spam of porn sites. Random strangers would ask me for my age, sex and location before bombing me with a dicktacular pic of themselves engaged in lewd behavior. When I did finally make a decent connection with someone, I'd soon find out that person was some 12 year old, which was enough to make me consider cancelling the internet altogether. Eventually I did make a friend who wasn't jailbait, and we talked about our shared interest in anime.

Before I made my Second Life account, I asked my friend if he had heard of it. He had in fact and even made an account once with his girlfriend but left because she didn't have any fun there. It wasn't much to go on so I allowed my instincts to lead and went ahead to create my own anyway. My friend joined me the next day and we finally "met" each other in pixel form. It was a strange meeting but a fun one nonetheless.

I spent the next couple of weeks exploring the virtual world of SL, picking up random freebies while trying to figure out how to network my way to some real life work. I found's sim and did some camping there while perusing their job site. It disappointed me later to learn that it was all but abandoned by the company for the most part since no actual Careerbuilder employees ever logged in. I was ready to quit out of frustration and loneliness until I came across a curious little notecard with landmarks to places of interest. Mind you this was long before the Destination Guide so finding places to explore took more effort back then. The place I chose was called Elf Circle.

Upon rezzing there, I was warmly greeted by roleplayers dressed as all kinds of creatures. They kindly gifted me with clothes and explained things there. I was so touched by their friendliness that I frequented their drum circle regularly. Soon I joined their group and became a greeter and guardian for them.

A couple years later I got curious enough to explore another fantasy I couldn't experience in reality: modeling. I gave myself 3 months to get into an agency and if I failed, I'd return to just being a simple fairy. I finally landed myself in Xi Lu Phu Modeling Agency, owned by my friend Xi Zane, who was kind enough to give me a scholarship to her academy to help me get started. I worked steady for 2 years and ended up in various competitions. I started this blog and a Flickr stream. I became a personal assistant to Vikeejeah Xevion, Miss Ebony International 2013 and the creator of Loovus Dzevavor. I represented Canada in Miss Virtual World 2013. I got to become a hamster. Laugh all you want, it's the little joys in life I appreciate most. If reincarnation exists, I'm returning as a hamster.

I hope the next year will find me gaining real life employment again. I'm not looking for love at this point; it's just not a priority. If it happens, it happens. I'd like to return to writing or editing in some capacity outside of Second Life. I'm also interested in learning Japanese and Korean so I can possibly enter a field as a translator. I just know I don't want my biggest achievement in life to be "I was a virtual beauty queen." I have yet to figure out what I'll be, but I know I don't want all my dreams to be virtual ones. I'd like some of them to become real.

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