Monday, May 6, 2013

K-pop Chronicles: Lee Hi

Apologies for taking so long to follow up on my K-pop series, but there are so many artists to cover. I had a tough time choosing who would be my next inspiration, but once this person came out with her debut singles, it was easy. I'm talking about YG's monster rookie, Lee Hi.

She may have an adorably, sweet face but her style is not like that other solo artists. She has a soft, soulful voice that is reminiscent of Adele and Duffy. Although her song It's Over displayed her aegyo side, she returned to the mature sound that suits her vocal range in her latest release Rose. As cute as the video for It's Over was, I couldn't resist the dramatic poetry of Rose and decided to style based off of that.

The theme is, of course, roses in the video, which is perfect for spring. I added a cute parasol from Boudoir as a whimsical touch, and even wore lilac eyes to match her contacts from the video. The parasol was a creative addition on my part, but I think I got pretty close to her style.

I am a HUGE fan of Lee Hi and can't wait to see what else this talented teen has in store.

Umbrella: Boudoir
Dress and nails: Nylon Outfitters
Ring: LaGyo
Skirt: Evie's Closet (part of the Kie gown)
Hair: Ison
Headpiece: BOOM (Arcade gatcha, unavailable)
Pose: Manifeste (cleanup special, unavailable)

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