Saturday, March 29, 2014

6 Years of Second Life

Writing this post is somewhat bittersweet. Today marks my 6th year in Second Life. I didn't imagine that in 2008. I only sought to network online to find employment offline. I figured at least I could talk to live people on this social platform, even if they were strangers behind a screen. For me it was easier to charm people when I wasn't fidgeting with my sleeves or staring at the floor out of shyness.

In 6 years I have accomplished more than I have in real life. I have been a fairy, a mermaid, a dragon, a model, a pageant contestant, a hamster, a bunny, a flying squirrel, a customer service rep., jello and a pop tart. I have been just about everything one can imagine to become in this virtual world. I have made friends from all over the globe, from Germany to Japan to the UK, New Zealand, and Canada. I rode carriages that were pulled by butterflies. I helped countless charities. I won a LOT of speed builds. I've danced, laughed, shopped and lived a life I was only able to imagine offline.

Not every year was perfect. Some friends were lost along with my inventory. I lost quite a few competitions. I've had my heart broken, but it was also mended with the love of my friends. I look forward to my 6th year with some trepidation. Will I fall in love again? Will I win a big competition? Will I open up a shop? What will I do before I turn 7?

By the way, I'm wearing my Rez Day present from Loovus Dzevavor, a GORGEOUS design called the Incline gown. It's available now as part of the newly released Blac Collection, named for the 2013 Spokesmodel Blac Quartz. Please try the demo as my poor photography skills cannot capture how breathtaking this dress is.

Dress: Loovus Dzevavor (materials enabled with standard & fitted mesh)
Jewelry: Finesmith Jewelry (retired set)
Hands: SLink
Lashes: Maxi Gossamer
Makeup: m.o.c.k. cosmetics
Hair: Emo-tions
Skybox: Barnesworth Anubis (backdrop part of another BA skybox)


  1. Happy RezDay Ani. What a sweet blog entry. You've been a wonderful part of our community.