Thursday, March 15, 2012

coldLogic Comfort

As models, sometimes you tend to fall into a comfort zone. You don't try as hard. You feel ok with simply coasting. After all, as long as no one objects, you must be doing something right, right? Well here's the thing about staying in the comfort zone. It's boring, which means you become boring. It's natural to progress and grow but that is only possible by leaving the familiar and embracing the new. Right now I'm embracing the new release from coldLogic called Castillo. It reminds me of light, breezy days where you'd wear nothing but a simple shirt and lounge around the house with a good book. Also I am rapidly becoming a fan of Exile's mesh hair collection, especially this one called Rumor Has It. If you're not on a mesh viewer--get on one! This stuff is too good to miss inworld!

Shirt: coldLogic
Hair: Exile
Eye Makeup: R.icielli
Lipstick: m.o.c.k. cosmetics
Teeth: Tuli
Nails: Mandala
Shoes: Baiastice
Poses: Dare (closed)

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