Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Little Secret Garden

Fantasy Faire will soon be upon us with imaginative delights from science fiction to fairy tales. You don't have to be a role player to appreciate this event which is a part of the many upcoming Relay for Life fairs in Second Life. Now while I don't know the full details on what to expect just yet, I do happen to know that Evie's Closet will of course be there. The outfit I model now is not a preview of what she'll sell for the event, however it is a sneak peek of things to come to Evie's Closet. Available now is the adorable furniture set from Mole End, featuring a tiny leaf chair, cozy bed and an oak table. You'll feel right at home in this miniature set that is a pixie's dream.

Furniture currently available at Evie's Closet. Outfit is a freebie from the Petite Avatar Kingdom, which is a great place to discover merchants who create petite merchandise.

Hair: Elikatira (modified to fit)

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