Thursday, March 29, 2012

Four Years Later...

When I first joined Second Life, it was just a simple time filler for me, something to do between filling out job applications. I actually entered with the hopes of finding work since had a sim in SL. I figured if no one wanted to meet me in person, maybe they'd accept my avatar. Within a couple weeks I had made friends and joined groups with common interests. I found love a couple of times, one made it to RL, the other didn't. In the end, neither relationship lasted, but I regret nothing because it taught me more about myself and what I seek in a partner. I've had friends come and go; some just move on to real life, some just lose touch, and others are sadly departed from both worlds. The ones I still see and speak with regularly I appreciate and love dearly. People call Second Life a game, but I'd like to think that if I ever met some of the people I connected with on a virtual level, that we could become better friends on a real one. Who knows where the next year of Second Life will take me. I might find love again. I'm sure I'll make more friends. Hopefully I'll find a stable real life job to help support my SL shopping habit, but for now my SL occupations do just enough. Most of all, I hope to find joy in whatever I do. Here's to turning 4!

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