Wednesday, February 8, 2012

EoE Androgynous Challenge

Let me start off by clarifying why one of the EoE Challenge posts is missing. It was the Real Life Designer Challenge and we were given specific designers to emulate. We were limited to only the Fall 2011/Spring 2012 collections and had to include items from the sponsors of this pageant. It was the worst challenge ever and I failed miserably. For those of you holding these kinds of contests, may I make a suggestion? Don't limit the contestants. Trust me, the challenges live up to their name; you really need not increase the difficulty level by imposing restrictions that can stifle creativity instead of encourage it. Basically it's like SOPA for pageants. Stop it.

Ok enough of my soap box antics, it's now time for some great news! I finally, FINALLY made it into the top 3 this past round with the Androgynous Challenge. Thanks to some inspiration from real life model Anna Von Neon, I was able to construct a geeky chic ensemble with a touch of punk edge. Every week the competition has gotten fiercer and this challenge was no exception. Since this was the last challenge before the finals, I went all out and threw my inhibitions through the window because I have nothing left to lose at this point. I'm so happy my risk paid off.

Style Credits:
Shirt and Tights: Gizza
Shorts: MEB
Collar and Gloves: Nemesis (gloves modified)
Tie: Mandala
Shoes: Fir & Mna (modified)
Glasses: Acid & Mala
Hairbase: LoQ
Hair: Madesigns
Pose Prop: Olive Juice (closed)

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