Sunday, April 28, 2013

Another Day of Magic

Yes, there is a special reason for this blog title, and it is related to Fantasy Faire. The organizers have decided to allow one more day for everyone to come and buy the fine wares there! That means it ends on April 29th. Now before anyone gets all kinds of crazy and breaks their piggy banks, please be aware of two things: 1) Some merchants may have missed the notice so try not to freak out if a couple of shops vanish a day ahead of the new deadline. 2) Because of time zones, some merchants may still pack up their stores early on Monday since not everyone understands how to follow Second Life time. They could also want to clean up ahead of schedule due to real life time constraints so please be understanding regardless of the situation. Remember this event has been going on for over a week. Procrastinators, consider yourselves warned!

Now that you can breathe a bit easier with an extra shopping day, let's get on with my final post for Fantasy Faire. It is with a sad heart that I post this since the faire is always fun and exciting. I will definitely miss the gorgeous sims as they are my favorite part of the faire. I also feel terrible not being able to blog everything given to me, but I will try harder next year if I get more time!

Living the FantaSea has a lovely new mer tail called Carpe Oceanus. It's got warrior appeal in purple chainmail with a leather halter top. A shoulder guard and gauntlet protect your right arm while a dagger is strapped to your left one. It also comes with a mermaid AO so you can get swimming right away.

If you prefer something you can wear as a human, then there is the Synjari outfit from Paper Moon. The bohemian print in pastel tones is ideal for spring. It comes with beautiful rings in shiny opal colors. I styled it with the Pulsing Heart earrings from The Golden Thorn, and the Ginko mask from Falconrose. The earrings glow brightly in the light while the mask frames the face in soft fabric and is embellished with pearls and silver ginko leaves. I also used the Erika hair from Wasabi Pills and Musa poses as seen in the previous post. This picture was taken in the extravagant Lotus Valley Dream sim, which showcases the ethereal beauty of Asia.

Remember you only have a couple days left so hurry before these items and the gorgeous sims vanish into the mists once again!

Magnificat: Living the FantaSea, Musa, Wasabi Pills
Lotus Valley Dream: Falconrose
The DragonSpire: The Golden Thorn
Titan's Hollow: Paper Moon

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