Saturday, April 20, 2013

Taking Flight Into Fantasy Faire

That's right, Fantasy Faire has returned for its 5th year to once again bring us magic and love in support of Relay for Life. If you have never been to Fantasy Faire before, this is definitely the year to go! This year boasts a hearty 10 sims, each with its own special enchantment that will charm visitors of all realms. Although the main attractions usually appeal more to roleplayers, there is plenty of room for all to enjoy this spectacular event. Even if shopping isn't your forte, the sims are a photographer's dream come true so it's still worth a look.

I will showcase various RFL items available from some of the many merchants there. I highly encourage you visit every sim to take in all the wonder this event has to offer. To give you a taste of what's there, I took a few photos in a couple of the lands.

Evie's Closet has quite a plethora of offerings this year. One of her recent releases called Dyisi has been recolored into a passionate red to symbolize the undying heart of all those who continue to battle cancer. It is an ideal outfit for anyone who is a satyr since the hot pants are hoof-friendly. If you prefer a more human appearance, never fear because there are also a pair of matching boots to complete the look. This photo was taken in Crimson Fields, a dark fantasy sim awash in a blanket of red flowers with ominous rock towers overlooking everything.

Another creation from Evie's Closet called Flora, caters to the smallest avatars ever to grace the grid, petites. In particular, the one shown here is called Puff and features a dandelion fluff for the skirt. The pretty pixie look is completed with a headband of sweet dandelion blooms. This is another photo taken on location in the sim called Lumenaria, a colorful town with a picturesque park and festive decor hanging from the shops. (Side note: The wings pictured came from another outfit called Eden. They are NOT included with Flora.)

Also making a splash this year is FateWEAR with Rochon. This is a well-crafted gown with a celtic belt buckle and bell sleeves. Pair it with tights for a modest look or go for a truly medieval vibe by forgoing undergarments altogether. (I do not recommend flaunting the panty-free style if you roleplay in a pg sim. You could possibly make fairies blush with your unexpected exposure.)

Evie's Closet is located on the Magnificat sim and FateWEAR is in Titan's Hollow. By the way, the pathway in Titan's Hollow is transparent so if you do buy Rochon, remember my warning about going commando.

I'll post more pics of more RFL items throughout the week Fantasy Faire is open. It closes on April 28th so don't procrastinate!

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