Monday, April 22, 2013

Creatures Big and Small...

It's only been a couple of days since Fantasy Faire opened and already over 3 million lindens have been raised for cancer research! I am so proud to be part of a team that has worked this hard for a cause that is personal for many of us.

As I mentioned in my last post, there are MANY things to blog about for Fantasy Faire. Today I am presenting a couple more RFL items available there.

The first is the Peyrton avatar from Wilds of Organica, whose booth is located in the Dragonspire sim, an awe-inspiring cave filled with glowing gems. This avatar is a hybrid of an impala and an eagle and looks pretty spectacular in flight. It comes with an AO that has custom animations and gestures. I photographed Peyrton in the sim called Evensong Woods, a wintery forest with shops set up on wooden bridges.

The next item is a new mesh petite avatar called Virtue from Skinthesis. There are special makeup editions for sale at RFL so be sure to check them out! Also there are some new wings called Maple Fae Wings, which are seen here, and available in both big and petite sizes so fairies of all shapes can enjoy their flights in style. The booth for Skinthesis is located in the Magnificat sim. (Side note: The outfit is a new release from Evie's Closet, located in the same sim at Fantasy Faire.)

Thank you again for reading and please do support Fantasy Faire and Relay for Life by attending this great event and making donations!

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