Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Wonders of the Heart

We all deal with pain and loss in our own way. Some handle it negatively while others do their best to power through life's struggles. When I see some of the stories and photos that the Fantasy Faire merchants have revealed regarding their personal connections with cancer, it touches my heart. What truly moves me though is seeing how each person has selflessly contributed their talents in the name of finding a cure for this disease. With each post I am reminded just how compassionate people are despite some of the things they have been through. To each of you who have put so much work into all of this for Fantasy Faire...thank you.

Ok enough mush, let's get on with more Relay for Life items! After all, you probably want to know what's available there, right? And since it is for cancer research, you can feel a little less guilty about going broke because it's all for a great cause. I have several things to showcase this time so get out your pen and paper or just bookmark this page as a reference.

First up is the Pea Mermaid outfit from TempT. Peacock feathers fan out from all directions in a colorful display against the deep turquoise tail. I am wearing it with the Arkasia skin and the top of the Vandariel outfit from The Plastik, which complement the rich tones of this outfit beautifully. Also the fabulous Sunburst hair is from Emo-tions and comes with the lovely circlet attached. The pose and orb came from Living the FantaSea.

Next up we have another gorgeous gown from Evie's Closet called Kie. The strapless wonder features a sweetheart neckline and an ethereal skirt with flowers cascading down. I styled it with the Wasabi Pills Erika hair for a regal touch. The Sharon eyeshadow and Celtic nails came from Musa. The Gown pose used in the full body shot is also from Musa. I accessorized my ensemble with the RFL Magic Staff from Yabusaka, which comes full perm for building purposes. One other thing to note is that the sim I took these pictures in is called Magnificat and it is breathtaking so visit there to take wonderful pictures before the faire ends on April 28.

In order to make shopping easier, I'll provide links to each of the sims for all of the merchants mentioned.

Magnificat: Evie's Closet, Wasabi Pills, Living the FantaSea, Musa, Yabusaka
Evensong Woods: Emo-tions, The Plastik

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